Exclusive Cover Reveal: Warlock Holmes By G.S.Denning

We are delighted to present the exclusive cover reveal of  Warlock Holmes! In the world of hundreds of Holmes inspired stories and pastiches, finding something new in the pile is always a joy. Warlock Holmes: A Study In Brimstone may just be that… Sherlock Holmes is an unparalleled genius who uses the gift of deduction… Read More »

Huge New Sherlock Holmes Anthology

                                      Today, the Radio Times announced the upcoming publication of a new Sherlock Holmes anthology that will contain a record-breaking 60 stories and be published in three volumes. Two of the contributors are Babes Lyndsay Faye and Amy Thomas,… Read More »

With His Boots On: A Tribute to Sir Christopher Lee

I awoke this morning to news of a most unwelcome kind, that of the passing of Sir Christopher Lee. Given that he had reached the age of 93, it’s impossible to say that Sir Christopher passed away before his time, but somehow it still feels true. Born in 1922, Christopher Lee, long before the Sir… Read More »

New book on the world of Sherlock Holmes out in German

  Here is something for the German and German speaking Sherlock Holmes fans: BSB Maria has written an introduction to the world of Sherlock Holmes in German. The contents of the book cover the early writing career of Arthur Conan Doyle and his various sources and inspirations for the characters of the Canon. A detailed… Read More »

Pastiche vs Fanfiction: The Debate That Wouldn’t Die

A few years ago, I wrote a piece laying out my viewpoint that pastiche is anything Sherlock Holmes-themed that is faithful to Doyle’s characters. Since then, my opinion has evolved and changed. I’m going to re-articulate it. Just today, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere published this piece, which does a great job of explaining the viewpoint… Read More »

Elementary Novel Giveaway!

Hey Elementary fans! We’ve partnered with Titan Books to do a giveaway of the first Elementary tie-in novel, The Ghost Line, by Adam Christopher! Summons to a bullet-riddled body in a Hell’s Kitchen apartment marks the start of a new case for consulting detectives Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson. The victim is a subway train… Read More »

And it’s here! SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention

SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention is finally here. It’s been a long time coming and Sherlock fans are ever the patient ones. But the time has come and some details and guests have been announced ahead of the April event. SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention will be taking place at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre from… Read More »

S(her)lock: The Web Series

There’s a seriously awesome thing that just launched. How would you like a female Sherlock Holmes & a transgender Watson in the 1990s fighting to get the recognition they deserve? We thought so. S(her)lock: The Web Series is a feminist, queer-positive, gender-swapped fresh take on the characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Living in 1990’s… Read More »

Get 15% Off Gold Bubble’s New Sherlock Collection With Us!

The fab folk at Gold Bubble Clothing have updated their Sherlock line with new designs and SKIRTS! (omg skirts). They have lovingly sent us an exclusive discount code that you can use for 15% off this line or anything in their store until December 12th! Use code BUBBLESTREET when checking out for 15% off. Here’s… Read More »

Femme Friday: Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope

Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope By BSB Lyndsay Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope, apparently the “most lovely woman in London” in addition to being one hell of a Secret Agent Super Spy, might not at first blush seem the perfect choice for a Femme Friday.  After all, Lady Hilda steals the impolitic diplomatic letter left in her… Read More »

Thank You for Funding Our Indiegogo!

Thanks to all of you who contributed and shared our Indiegogo campaign. With your help we were not only able to make our goal, but exceed it! We’ve started buying the microphones for all the girls, and they’re slowly arriving to everyone’s delight. Thank to you we’re going to sound better and be able to… Read More »

Femme Friday: Mrs. St Clair

Mrs. St Clair By BSB Ashley             “You would have done better to have trusted your wife,” says Sherlock Holmes to an abashed and exposed Neville St. Clair at the conclusion of “The Man with the Twisted Lip.” Isn’t that so often the case? Mrs. Neville St. Clair is one of the many women in… Read More »

A Visit to The Museum of London’s Sherlock Holmes Exhibit

By Sora Reyes When speaking about Sherlock Holmes, there are a few things that may immediately come to mind: Deerstalkers, brilliant deductions, moustachioed doctor turned biographer, the canonically inaccurate “Elementary, my dear Watson” and of course, London – the great city that is as much a part of the infamous detective as he is a… Read More »

Femme Friday: Effie Munro and Lucy Hebron

The Yellow Face: Effie Munro and Her Daughter Lucy Hebron By BSB Amy                 “The Yellow Face,” along with several other canonical Holmes stories, presents unavoidable difficulties for modern readers. In fact, at a recent convention, my fellow panelist suggested that this story should never even be printed. Before I get into the specifics of… Read More »

IndieGoGo Campaign lunched! Help us get new tech for the podcast!

  We’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for new microphones for the girls, as well as portable microphones for on-the-scene and live podcasting. We’re offering a ton of perks including tickets to SherlockeDCC, our Charity Ball in January, limited edition shirts, posters, and a chance to have your own episode with us! We’d so appreciate… Read More »

Femme Friday: Joan Watson

Joan Watson by BSB Melinda You can count me among the legions of existing Sherlock fans that were more than a bit skeptical when Elementary was announced. For awhile Sherlock Holmes was like the new zombie apocalypse (which was the new vampires): a resurrected topic with a bandwagon large enough for multiple networks, writers, and other… Read More »

From meta to Nigel Bruce in a lily pond: Gillette to Brett IV

Last weekend BSBs Kristina and I (Ashley) attended Gillette to Brett IV, a symposium on Sherlockian adaptation held on the gorgeous campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. From start to finish, the event, hosted by the inestimable duo of Steven Doyle and Mark Gagen of Wessex Press (quick! Buy all the books!), was a… Read More »

Femme Friday: Beryl Stapleton

Beryl Stapleton by BSB Ashley If I were to ask you to list the three Canonical women who have appeared on screen most frequently, I bet you’d get two out of three. “Mrs. Hudson!” you might cry first, and you’d be right; Mrs. H. always seems on hand, regardless of the adventure and far outnumbers… Read More »

Jack the Ripper Revealed? Eehhhhhhhhh…

No, we did not solve the Ripper murders… and you need to do science better. The Daily Mail, a news organization synonymous with rigorous fact checking that rivals the journalistic integrity evidenced by newspapermen during Jack the Ripper’s heyday,this morning “revealed” the Ripper to be one Aaron Kosminsky, a Polish Jew with serious mental health… Read More »

Femme Friday: Mary Russell

Mary Russell By BSB Ardy Doyle never did tell us what Sherlock Holmes got up to after he retired to a cottage in Sussex, so, much like the Hiatus, that part of his life is a free-for-all for pastiche and fanfiction writers. Whether it turns out that he was Moriarty all along, or slowly succumbs… Read More »

Femme Friday: Kitty Winter

Kitty Winter By BSB Lyndsay Faye Sherlock Holmes is as reliable on the subject of his own opinions regarding females as John Watson is about trifling matters like chronology.  No, seriously—they’re both equally skilled humans when it comes to communicating their own facts.  Take, just to preface this piece, Holmes on the subject of women:… Read More »

Guest blog: Keeping Up With The Baskervilles, by Rohan Gavin

This is a guest post by Rohan Gavin, author of the Knightley & Son books. We previously reviewed the first book in the series, Knightley & Son, and will be posting our review of Knightley & Son: K-9 tomorrow, when the book is officially released. Keeping Up With The Baskervilles By Rohan Gavin Having finished… Read More »

Femme Friday: Helen Stoner

Helen Stoner By BSB Taylor Hello, and welcome to another Femme Friday. I’m here with you today to talk about one of the more overlooked Sherlockian ladies: Miss Helen Stoner. Miss Stoner is featured quite prominently as the client in ‘The Adventure of the Speckled Band’, a story that even Doyle himself has called his… Read More »

Femme Friday: The Irregular Girls

By BSB Amy Today’s post is a little bit different. It’s not about one character, and the girls it’s about are not given names in the Doyle stories, yet they’re some of the most important people in the entire Holmesian world. Who do I mean? The resourceful, clever young women who round out the ranks… Read More »

Femme Friday: Ettie Shafter

Ettie Shafter By BSB Maria Today’s chosen lady from the Sherlock Holmes stories is one who is often overlooked, rarely discussed and almost never featured in adaptations: Ettie Shafter, a young woman living with her father Jacob in Vermissa Valley, Pennsylvania. She is one of the tragic female characters in the Canon, characterized by her… Read More »

Femme Friday: Sally Donovan

Sally Donovan by Baker Street Babe Amy Sherlock Holmes is a polarizing figure, no matter when or where he appears. Some, like John Watson and Mrs. Hudson, learn to accept and even love Sherlock for his brilliance and eccentricity and in spite of his frequent coldness and lack of expressed emotional sensitivity. Others, found in… Read More »

First look of Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes

The first look of Ian McKellen as Sherlock Holmes in the film adaptation of Mitch Cullin’s, ‘A Slight Trick of the Mind.” [x] Want to know more about the story? We interviewed the author in June. You can listen below. Full podcast info [HERE]. It is 1947, and the long-retired Sherlock Holmes, now 93, lives… Read More »

Femme Friday: Olivia Flaversham

Olivia Flaversham by BSB Kristina “Curly” Manente Let’s be honest. None of you are surprised it’s me writing this one. I don’t hide my adoration of The Great Mouse Detective from anyone, and I definitely won’t hold back my love for the little Scottish doe* that could, Olivia Flaversham. For those who don’t know (and shame on… Read More »

Femme Friday: Mary Morstan

Mary Morstan by BSB Lyndsay Faye Let’s chat about Mary Morstan for a sec.  No, not that one, the one you’re thinking of we’ll get to in a wee bit.  I’m talking first about the one who kicked so much canonical ass that she deserved her own spinoff series.  (Does this exist?  Tell me, please, if it happens to… Read More »

Femme Friday: Violet Smith

Violet Smith By BSB Melinda I’ll get to Violet in a minute, but first: let’s talk about women on bicycles. As an avid cyclist myself, I think that focusing on Miss Smith’s chosen form of transportation is a good way to reveal a bit more about the workings of her character. People usually don’t give… Read More »

Femme Friday: Molly Hooper

Molly Hooper By BSB Amy Long, straight hair, lipstick that comes and goes, and an ironically macabre career—exploring unassuming but totally awesome Molly Hooper is a journey that starts with specific stories framed by the creators of the BBC’s Sherlock, finds its anchor in the Sherlock Holmes canon as a whole, and winds up the wider genre of… Read More »

New GoPop Update: Android is coming + worldwide access!

We’ve been working on the Sherlock commentary tracks for GoPop for a few weeks now and we’re just finishing up on series 2! You can now watch and read along with A Scandal In Belgravia and The Hounds of Baskerville while we finish up on the soul-crushing Reichenbach Fall. GoPop is great because they actually… Read More »

Femme Friday: Violet Hunter

Violet Hunter By BSB Sarah It’s time for another Femme Friday! Today we need to talk about the awesomeness that is Violet Hunter. Miss Hunter is the client in “The Copper Beeches”, the final story in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. In addition to introducing us to this lady who knows she is pretty darn rockin’ and… Read More »

Femme Friday: Irene Adler

Irene Adler By BSB Lyndsay Irene Adler means many things to many people.  For some, she is the first truly legendary antagonist faced by Sherlock Holmes.  (Because really…do you spend much time ruminating over errant Mormons?  Does Jonathan Small get your panties in a twist?) For others, she is a plucky ringlet-haired sass machine who is allowed to tweak… Read More »

Femme Friday: Lady Mary Brackenstall

Lady Mary Brackenstall By BSB Ashley Welcome back to Femme Friday, and let us introduce you to one of the most stalwart women in the entire canon: Lady Mary Brackenstall. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was not always a man of progressive ideals: he was anti-suffragist and pro-imperialist, a British gentleman of traditional sensibilities in many ways…. Read More »

GoPop is here! Exclusive Sherlock Commentary by us!

  We know you’re a fan of Sherlock. So are we. Think we’re entertaining? Have an iPhone and a copy of Sherlock Season 1? We’re inviting you to be one of the first to download and try the free gopop.tv app, the spoiler-free social TV companion featuring exclusive commentary from the Baker Street Babes! It’s simple:… Read More »

Mark Gatiss to attend From Gillette to Brett in Bloomington, Indiana!

Mark Gatiss will be attending From Gillette to Brett, a Sherlock Holmes conference put on by our publishers, Wessex Press! It will take place from September 12th – 14th in Bloomington, Indiana! Here’s a bit more about the conference: Wessex Press is pleased to announce another in its series of blockbuster Sherlockian conferences, FROM GILLETTE TO… Read More »

Femme Friday: Mrs. Hudson

Mrs. Hudson aka Superwoman By BSB Maria “Mrs Hudson leave Baker Street? England would fall!” This quote from Sherlock’s “A Scandal Belgravia” sums up one of the most important characters in the Sherlock Holmes stories and adaptations. Mrs Hudson is by the far the most patient, resilient, organized and brave women in the Canon and while… Read More »

Podcaster Finalist At The Shorty Awards, TONIGHT!

The Shorty Awards are tonight! And we’re up for Best Podcaster. After lots of campaigning and tons of love, we were announced as finalists in the podcaster category. The fact is, we never would have gotten there without all of you. To all of you who shared the campaign, who tweeted nominations, or who just… Read More »

Sherlock Holmes World Record in Leeds

The Leeds Teaching Hospitals Charitable Foundation is attempting to break the World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed up as Sherlock Holmes. The challenge will be hosted at Temple Newsam, Leeds, on 31 August to help raise funds for a new Yorkshire Brain Research Centre. Clair Challenor-Chadwick, Appeal Director of the Yorkshire Brain Research Centre, said: “Sherlock may live… Read More »

New Directions in Sherlock, a Sherlock conference on April 11th!

CFP: New Directions in Sherlock Sherlock Holmes: Past and Present Friday, April 11, 2014 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (BST) Department of English, UCL Heralded by The Telegraph as a ‘global phenomenon,’ the BBC Sherlock is now one of the most commercially and critically successful series of all time. This one-day symposium focuses on the… Read More »

Best Podcaster Nominations For The Shorty Awards!

For the first time ever, we’re going for an award, The Shorty Awards to be exact! For the past two years Sherlockology have won the fansite category, and after partying with them last year, we hatched the idea to try and get as many Sherlock Holmes based winners as possible. Plus it’d be kinda nice… Read More »

Pre-Order Sherlock Series 3 Goodies

Look at that sexy box set. Did you know you can pre-order that plus tons of other Series 3 goodies at the BBC Shop?  How about a limited edition box set with a copy of A Study In Pink script in it? Well, now you do!   Sherlock Series 3 DVD: You can [PRE-ORDER] it… Read More »

His Last Vow Spoiler Free Teasers

I’m currently sitting in the BAFTA Q&A. My hands haven’t stopped shaking.  This episode is thrilling.  It’s so clever.  My jaw actually dropped at least four times.  I gaped at the screen.  Holy fucking shit. This episode is dark.  It’s thrilling.  Your heart will race and it will keep surprising you. I felt like I… Read More »

Want A 6ft Tall Stand-Up Of Sherlock & John? Well, here you go.

BID TO WIN this one of two extremely rare limited edition BBC Sherlock and John stand-ups by the legendary Reapersun!  There are two in the world, and one can live in your home! The Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball is nearly here, and 100% of our proceeds go to benefit veterans of overseas conflict through Wounded… Read More »

Daintiest Charity Ball Auction Catalogue

Behold! The DaintiestBallCatalogue! You can download the catalogue by clicking that link or right clicking and choosing, Save Link As. Contained in the catalogue is what will be available for bidding, encompassing many of the lots we’ve amassed thanks to the profound generosity of fellow Sherlockians.  More items will be available, but these are the ones… Read More »

Spoiler Free Teasers For The Sign Of Three

We just finished The Sign Of Three and oh… my… god. I don’t think I ever stopped smiling… except when I was clawing at my face and curling in on myself. It’s a delightful episode from start to finish. It’s both utterly heartwarming and heart-wrenching.  Incredibly heart-wrenching. Oh my god, my heart. The case is… Read More »

What does the Free Sherlock ruling mean for fans?

Guest Article By Betsy Rosenblatt On December 23, 2013, a U.S. District Court ruled in the case of Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd. that U.S. copyright protection had expired on all elements of the Holmes canon that were first introduced before 1923 — including the characters of Holmes and Watson. The ten stories of the… Read More »

Sherlock is Free: Court Ruling

Yesterday evening, illustrious Holmesian Les Klinger ignited the Sherlockian world with some truly cheering holiday news: After months of legal wrangling, a United States District Court freed Sherlock. To be more specific, the court ruled that the literary output of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle prior to 1923 is fully in the public domain. What does this mean? For some time, the… Read More »

The One Fixed Point Has A Cover!

We have a cover! (and a small name change) Coming This January from Wessex Press/Gasogene Books! ONE FIXED POINT IN A CHANGING AGE: A New Generation on Sherlock Holmes. The collection costs $24.95 and is 280 pages. Debuting January 18, 2014 in the BSI Dealer’s Room, Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, and simultaneously online… Read More »

The One Fixed Point Essay Collection Released Jan 18th

  Just got word that our essay collection: The One Fixed Point In A Changing Age will be $24.95, and will run 280 pages! It comes out January 18th at wessexpress.com. Curly will also be signing copies in the Merchant’s Room of The Baker Street Irregulars Weekend on the day. The Merchant’s Room is located in the Vanderbilt Suite… Read More »

Feature On The Daily Dot!

The Daily Dot is one of those really amazing sites that cover all sorts of fabulous things. So when we got an email saying they wanted to do a piece on us, there may have been flailing. Well, that flail-inducing piece is now up and cover how the Baker Street Babes were formed and what… Read More »

Curtis Armstrong Announced As Daintiest Charity Ball Costume Competition Announcer Thing!

OK, that’s a hell of a title, but it’s a hell of an announcement! This year, we are delighted to announce that our cosplay/noir/Victorian costume competition prize will be awarded by no less lovely a Sherlockian than Mr. Curtis Armstrong! You’ve seen this fabulous gentleman as Tom Cruise’s best friend in Risky Business, and he’s appeared in… Read More »

#SherlockLives & Is Back On January 1st

  Yesterday, the Powers That Be behind Sherlock announced that Londoners should keep their eyes peeled for a special announcement around a few filming locations. This led to fans from as early as 6:20 in the morning staking out on North Gower Street (where Sherlock’s Baker Street is), on the actual Baker Street, and at… Read More »

Sherlock Soundtrack Giveaway!

In thanks to all of you who follow us & in honor of reaching two rather big numbers, we’re giving away a signed pair of the Sherlock Original Soundtrack! They are both signed by composers Michael Price and David Arnold (originally these were for the raffle at SherlockeDCC, but we couldn’t get them to San… Read More »

The Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Charity Ball ARE NOW ON SALE!

We sold out in just two days last year, so don’t miss your chance this go around! Tickets to the Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Charity Ball are now on sale at http://daintiestball2014.bpt.me/. GO GO GO!

New Russian Sherlock Holmes Series Premieres November 18th

Yes, you read right. The new Russian Sherlock Holmes series is coming out on Monday! Starring Igor Petrenko as Holmes and the late Andrey Panin as Watson. The series promises eight new stories as well as dabblings with Moriarty (Alexei Gorbunov) and Irene Adler (Lyanka Gryu), the latter who will serve as a romantic interest for… Read More »

Canon Thursday: Desert Island Holmes Top 5

 You’re marooned on a desert island, and you can only take five Sherlock Holmes stories with you. Regardless of length (novel or short story) and original publication chronology, which five stories would you bring along to be your companions and why? (Keep in mind that if you meet a friendly native, these five stories will… Read More »

Sherlock Series 3 Premieres On PBS January 19th

Well this is unprecedented! The USA airing of Sherlock Series 3 has been released BEFORE the UK airing! Just revealed by Entertainment Weekly, Sherlock will grace the screens of PBS in the United States at 10PM on Sunday, January 19th, just after Downton Abbey. This follows the news from this morning that two promo photos… Read More »

Third Sherlock Holmes Movie Loses Screenwriter

Report From Hedge I had dinner last night with Dan Lin, CEO of Lin Pictures (at Warner Bros.) and executive producer of the Guy Ritchie/Robert Downey Jr. “Sherlock Holmes” movies, and found out some very interesting updates on where they are with “Sherlock Holmes 3.” The project is very much moving forward, and everyone involved is very committed… Read More »

How To Start & Run a Sherlockian Group: the Scion Manual

Have you always wanted to meet with other like-minded Sherlockians, but haven’t had any luck finding a group in your area?  Think you’ve got what it takes to start your own?  Well, you’re in luck – our good friends over at The Priory Scholars of NYC have published a guide containing everything you need to… Read More »

Guest Article: “The Case of The Vitagraph Holmes” [Or, Cowboy in a Deerstalker] By Howard Ostrom

Here at The Baker Street Babes, we’re always trying to expand.  In fact, we’re trying to take over the world, but you didn’t read that. Erase it from your mind. Good. Now, we’re starting to post guest articles here on the site and we are very happy to say that the very first shall be… Read More »

The One Fixed Point Update!

  An Update! Hello all! You’ve been very patient and to be honest, I think us editors underestimated the time needed to edit and format all the chosen essays. This publishing biz takes awhile haha. BUT! Good news! We’re finalizing the last remaining essays, making them look pretty, getting our introduction sorted by a very… Read More »

“An income of eleven shillings…” Liz Giorgi Is The Newest Baker Street Babe

Wait, she’s not new! Well, kinda. Liz Giorgi, who runs the amazing Being Geek Chic, was our Elementary guru for the first season of the CBS show. She then went on to help me with creating and running SherlockeDCC at San Diego Comic Con. I’m a big fan of Liz and not only is she… Read More »

Click To Play: Web Adaptations of Sherlock Holmes

  The English-speaking market currently has three Sherlock Holmes adaptations on our screens. The Russians have a new version… so do the Spanish… and India. It’s fairly safe to say that Sherlock Holmes is in a renaissance, and as more and more Holmesian pastiches hit the literary market and we count down the days until… Read More »

SDCC: Day 2 (Sherlock Panel & SherlockeDCC)

I’ve been trying to write this all day long and for some reason I can’t seem to find the words to do any of it justice. What started off as a random idea for a fan meet-up became something so much bigger. Not everything went exactly as it should have, but nothing crashed and burned… Read More »

SDCC: Day 1

Greetings all! First of our SDCC reports here! Yesterday was Preview Night, the night all us lucky people who managed to grab passes get to look at the Exhibit Hall before the masses descend on San Diego. I had my eyes set on the BBC America booth and the Get Sherlock shirt. So did everyone… Read More »

Online Course Offered: Sherlock, Science, and Ratiocination

Want to take a class called “Sherlock, Science, and Ratiocination” (via the Mythgard Institute at Signum University)? Of course you do, and now you can! Dr. Amy Sturgis is offering an online course! She will be using Arthur Conan Doyle’s writings and the BBC’s Sherlock, among other sources. Students may take the twelve-week course for… Read More »

The Clue Is In The Titles: Getting Re-Scandalized By Belgravia

If you’ve been following along in the twitter-sphere, you’ll know that BBC One is planting the title to Sherlock Series 3, Episode 3 in the re-run of Series 2 this month. Thought put off a week due to Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, UK audiences were treated to the devilishly delicious & cunning Irene Adler in… Read More »

Sherlock At San Diego Comic Con

Sherlock is no longer just a cult-hit in the USA. This is evidenced by the fact they have not one, but TWO panels at San Diego Comic Con this year. For it being the first time PBS has gone to SDCC, they’re not holding back. So, you want to find Sherlock at SDCC? Here’s where… Read More »

Sherlock Panel At San Diego Comic Con

It was announced yesterday that Sherlock would be making its first San Diego Comic Con appearance this year, and today we have the where and when! Ballroom 20 is the home to the big TV panels and Sherlock will be there from 2:15 to 3:15 on Thursday, July 18th. Which is perfect as it’s the… Read More »

Transcript of Episode 42: Lestrade Appreciation

The Baker Street Babes Podcast Transcript, Episode 42: Lestrade Appreciation Released 30/06/13, Transcribed by Melanie Fletcher   Kristina: Sadly, I don’t have, like, a poem, from last time. Katherine: We could make one up, we could just like, y’know– Lyndsay: Rap it? Katherine: Hardcore, yeah, like rap version. Kristina:  Katherine, I deem you (laughter) responsible… Read More »

Sherlock Holmes & London: New Exhibit Opening in London in 2014

The relationship between Sherlock Holmes and London will be the subject of a new exhibition to open in 2014. The Museum of London’s exhibition will look at the interplay between Holmes and the city, a source of fascination for the fictional detective. In one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories Holmes remarks: “It is a hobby… Read More »

Actual news on the progress of Sherlock Holmes 3

One of our followers is a major Ritchie!Holmes enthusiast and shared this latest information with us, and now we’re sharing it with you. I chatted with Drew Pearce, screenwriter of “Iron Man 3” and the upcoming Warner Bros “Sherlock Holmes 3,” at the LA Film Fest earlier today (June 16).  Lovely British man, whip-smart and… Read More »

Help Fund Us! SherlockeDCC: The Sherlock Fan Party of San Diego Comic Con

  SDCC is the biggest party of the year, so what better place to have the biggest bash? Even if you can’t be there, we want to let you get some Sherlock gear. Short Summary The Baker Street Babes, Being Geek Chic, The Nerdy Girlie, SherlockDC, and Cara McGee will be attending San Diego Comic… Read More »

SherlockeDCC Tickets NOW ON SALE!

  THURSDAY, JULY 18TH FROM 6-9PM BRICK + MORTAR 820 5th Ave San Diego, CA 92101 United States   San Diego Comic Con is the biggest party of the year, so what better place is there to have the biggest Sherlock bash of the year? Join The Baker Street Babes, Being Geek Chic, The Nerdy… Read More »

“Legend Of The Fall” T-Shirt Giveaway. Sponsored By threadless

The amazing people at threadless have given us EIGHT of these shirts to give away to you fine Sherlockians! As such, there will be EIGHT ways to win one of these gorgeous shirts. One of the ways you can win is to comment on this blog post! That’s it. Make sure you put your email… Read More »

Two Years: How The Sherlock Fandom Saved My Life

Two years ago today we put out our first episode. It was a giggly affair, and frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. I know what I wanted to do, but it was just a dream that it’d ever amount to something. It has, and I am forever thankful. I’m most thankful to… Read More »

The 221B Library: BBC Sherlock’s Books & Magazines

The amount of detail that members of the Sherlock fandom go into to uncover clues, decipher scenes, and explore the intricacies of the characters never fails to astound me. Tumblr user mid0nz has done her detective work, along with the help of some sprightly volunteers, and made a list of all the books and magazine’s… Read More »

The Baker Street Babes Commentaries!

We have been toying with the idea of doing commentaries for awhile. Lord knows we have enough to say! So we’re delighted to announce that we’re moving forward with the idea! The commentaries will be released through our podcast and have a small introduction before we tell you when to click play on the film/episode… Read More »

Review: The Revenge Of Sherlock Holmes at Hoxton Hall + Minicast!

The Revenge Of Sherlock Holmes Performed at Hoxton Hall, London. Reviewed by Ardy The Baker Street Babes Jenn and I went to see The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes at Hoxton Hall a couple of days ago. The posters promised “a Music Hall musical of elementary magnificence” with “more Victoriana than even Prince Albert could handle”…. Read More »

221B Con Round-Up!

221B Con happened the weekend of April 12th in Atlanta, GA. It was the inaugural con of all things Sherlock Holmes and was a wild success. We were lucky to be invited as guests and decided to film some footage of the weekend for all attendees to cherish in the years to come. Enjoy! Above… Read More »

S. Moran’s Invisible Tigress Speakeasy At 221B Con

Watch your head… Saturday evening at 221B Con is about to get a little more dangerous… Sebastian Moran has a secret club, it’s called The Invisible Tigress… and you’re invited. Come listen to the dulcet tones of Sherlockian music while you battle and draw your way to some nice treasure, all with a drink in… Read More »

Watson And Holmes Kickstarter

Our friends over at WATSON AND HOLMES have a Kickstarter! This remarkable comic is the first African-American Sherlock Holmes series set in Harlem, NYC.  The plots are written by genuine fans of the originals, the art is amazing, the story is unfolding in unexpected ways. WATSON AND HOLMES, by Karl Bollers & Rick Leonardi, is… Read More »

Sherlockian Easter Eggs

Ah, Spring is here (despite all the snow) and that means Easter. Whether you celebrate it for religious reasons or for an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate, one tradition we can hopefully all agree on enjoying is that of Easter Eggs! So what is a Sherlockian to do when faced with the task… Read More »

Amanda Abbington Joins Cast of Sherlock Series 3

Martin Freeman’s wife and Fandom Queen Amanda Abbington has joined the Sherlock family, as  confirmed by BBC1 this morning. While her actual role hasn’t been officially revealed, the BBC says she is playing someone who SIGNIFICANTLY impacts the lives of Sherlock and John. And we’re just saying… if you know your canon… and those three… Read More »

Into The Hive Mind: BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ And The Adventures Of The Fandom That Waited

In this very detailed and fantastic article about the Sherlock fandom by Christine Bancroft, we’re named some of the people to know in regards to the BBC show (which is flattering to say the least!). If you ever wanted to know anything about the BBC show’s fandom that we are proud to be a part… Read More »

The Babes In The New York Times: ‘Suit Says Sherlock Belongs to the Ages’

AKA we’re in The New York Times! BSB Lyndsay comments on the recent lawsuit as well as Shreffgate (which, yes, has now made national press, and tumblr, you’re mentioned!) Find out more about Free Sherlock at free-sherlock.com Leslie Klinger is the man behind #FreeSherlock, a lawyer, and the advisor on the Downey Jr films. We… Read More »

The Convention/Event Attendance Masterpost for The Babes! Where can you find us this con season?

We’ve had a few people tell us that we should go to conventions. Some of us have for years for other reasons, but the BSB has never done the convention thing before. That’s totes changing for 2013! Below is our (so far) confirmed con/event attendance list. Have one you’d like to see us at? Let… Read More »

The One Fixed Point In A Changing Age: Submissions Due March 1st!

The One Fixed Point In A Changing Age: Essays on Sherlockiana By Online Fandom is, not surprisingly, a collection of essays written exclusively by members of the tumblr and internet fandom of Sherlock Holmes. These essays will be compiled into a book and will be published, giving a voice and the beginnings of a body… Read More »

The Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Charity Ball

The Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Ball raised $3,000 for The Wounded Warrior Project! A full report is coming soon, but you can check out more photos from the event [HERE].

Win An Autographed Copy of Sherlock: The Casebook. Signed by Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue, and Mark Gatiss

We are so thrilled about all the gorgeous auction swag that’s been donated for the benefit of Wounded Warrior Project, and can’t wait to meet a good many of you at the first ever Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball!  There will be prizes and raffles and toasts and fan art and pastiches and… Read More »

“The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle” in Brooklyn.

BSB Lyndsay reading “The Blue Carbuncle” in a variety of FABULOUS accents! [Watch on YouTube]

221b Gingerbread House

[On flickr] ¦ [On tumblr] So, we’re in Germany, and Christmas is a big deal here… you know what is also a big deal? Gingerbread houses. As is Sherlock. So, you know what we had to do… One side is all cozy and darling with Sherduck Holmes and John Quackson, complete with duckie skull, slipper,… Read More »

Sherlock Series 3 Filming Pushed Back To March 2013

Alas, tis true. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are so damn talented EVERYONE wants them now. They’re no longer just our boys. While filming will starts three months later, the producer says transmission dates shouldn’t be affected. So, if all goes well, we should still have John Watson punching Sherlock Holmes in the face next… Read More »

Interview by Being Geek Chic – Lady Geeks of the Week: The Baker Street Babes, Part 2

Part two of our interview with Being Geek Chic! These were really fun to do!   As promised, The Baker Street Babes, Part 2 are our Lady Geeks of the Week! Last week, we interviewed Amy, Ardy, and Lyndsay. This week, we present Maria, Taylor, and Kristina. The Babes are a group of Sherlock Holmes… Read More »

Interview by Being Geek Chic – Lady Geeks of the Week: The Baker Street Babes, Part 1

We were interviewed by Being Geek Chic to be Lady Geeks of the Week!!! This part one of two, so have a read, visit the fab site, and learn more about us BSBs! The Baker Street Babes are our Lady Geeks of the Week! The Babes are a group of Sherlock Holmes fans who produce… Read More »

Call For Entries! The One Fixed Point In A Changing Age: Essays on Sherlockiana By Online Fandom

The One Fixed Point In A Changing Age: Essays on Sherlockiana By Online Fandom is, not surprisingly, a collection of essays written exclusively by members of the tumblr and internet fandom of Sherlock Holmes. These essays will be compiled into a book and will be published, giving a voice and the beginnings of a body… Read More »

Lyndsay Faye at Behind the Canonical Screen

Lyndsay Faye presented a talk on the canon, Warner Brothers, and BBC Sherlock versions of Irene Adler at Sherlock Holmes: Behind the Canonical Screen at UCLA last month, and here it is!

Series 3, What Could It Be?

Much like last time, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have released three words to give us a clue as to what the next three stories will be in Sherlock. This time around they are… RAT. WEDDING. BOW. Ah ha. This will probably change as we think more about it, but here are some thoughts, wants,… Read More »

Video: The Babes on The Today Show!

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy [permalink] Delighted to say that Curly and Kafers were interviewed by NBC’s The Today Show today! Yes, THAT Today Show! (eee!) It’s for the Olympics and will aired during  The Games. It’s a cultural piece about Sherlock Holmes and England and the popularity,… Read More »

Video: NBC Sherlock Holmes – England’s Super Hero

13 WTHR Indianapolis LONDON – The pages of a Sherlock Holmes novel are filled with mystery. A brilliant detective and his trusted friend, solving crimes from one of the most famous addresses in London – a place that fans flock to see for themselves. “This is 221b which is the address that the author Conan… Read More »

The Validation of the Internet Fandom: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Fandom and the Age of Tumblr

At A Scintillation of Scions V, I (Curly) presented a paper entitled The Validation of the Internet Fandom: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Fandom and the Age of Tumblr. It was very well received and made a lot of people cry (gyah sorry!). My heart sort of swelled as I walked back to my seat… Read More »

Sherlock Holmes Night: Long Night Of Sciences

Sherlock Holmes Night: Long Night Of Sciences By Maria Fleischhack, Baker Street Babes Baker Street Babe Maria     On June 29, the Leipzig ‘Long Night of Sciences’ offered a glimpse behind the scenes to everyone who was interested. Watching chemical reactions, or being introduced to the field of forensic biology, visitors of the Long… Read More »

Video: How Did Sherlock Holmes Pave the Way for 50 Shades of Grey?

  The fab folks at PBS Idea Channel just put up this video on how Sherlock Holmes started the fanfiction craze. We’re an epic sort of fandom… just upset it was 50 Shades that got the big break! You’ve probably heard of the risque novel “50 Shades of Grey” since it’s now the best selling… Read More »

Video: Project Reichenbach

  Warning: Contains large amounts of crackiness and sadness with a sprinkling of foul language and a heaping spoonful of WTF. The Baker Street Babes have cracked. Project Reichenbach was born as a coping technique for tomorrows episode. Provisions, shock therapy, and ultimate defeat in dealing with the fact that The Reichenbach Fall is airing… Read More »

The Importance of the Sherlock Fandom

  Original post is on our tumblr, which also has high-res photos: bakerstreetbabes.tumblr.com 28.01.12 To mark the anniversary of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meeting, brave souls ventured out into the winter winds of London. Full of laughs, smiles, and an enduring love, they gathered outside the famous door and proclaimed their support for The… Read More »

THE BSI WEEKEND: A Grand Tale By Lyndsay & Jenn

THE BSI WEEKEND A Grand Tale By Lyndsay & Jenn The Baker Street Babes Once a year, Sherlockians from around the world descend on the city that never sleeps and proceed to deduce the hell out of it.  The Baker Street Irregulars Weekend took place in New York City from January 11th through January 15th,… Read More »

NYC has been officially Sherlocked. #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK

  More information and photos can be found on the [Baker Street Babes tumblr page]. Baker Street Babe Lyndsay, her delightfully artistic hubby Gabe, and their epic friend Melinda pranced and danced* their way around New York City with customized I Believe In Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty Was Real placards and stickers. The Sherlock Holmes… Read More »

Deducing John Watson: A Character Study

Deducing John Watson: A Character Study By Ardy   This essay was up at the Baker Street Supper Club before the main website went down. We recently had an ask about John on the BSB tumblr, so I thought this was a good opportunity to bring it back. It was written before we had Series… Read More »

Video: Sherlockian Freeze in Trafalgar Square for Undershaw

  On April 21st we, in partnership with @ReichenBex, hosted a meet up in support of Save Undershaw (www.saveundershaw.com), which has been trying to save the former home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories and much more. The idea was a flash mob freeze. Around 70 of us gathered… Read More »

The Annotated “The Hounds of Baskerville”

  The amazing Ardy has written up a complete annotation accompaniment to Sherlock’s The Hounds of Baskerville, pointing out canon references, etc.  You can read all of it after the jump!

Sherlock: The Pendant Soldiers. Visual Novel game based off of Charles Augustus Milverton.

Sherlock: The Pendant Soldiers Sherlock Visual Novel game based off of Charles Augustus Milverton. — Set after The Great Game, but before Series 2, Sherlock Holmes takes on a new case, one that at first seems quite simple and easy to manage. But one thing leads to another, and soon he and John Watson are… Read More »