Elementary Review 03 x 17 – T-Bone and the Iceman

It’s been a while since Elementary veered straight into crime procedural territory, but it’s hard to imagine this story not fitting in basically every single iteration of CSI. A man with cancer commits a murder in hopes of eventually stealing cryogenically frozen cord blood to treat his condition. Unfortunately, the less than stellar business practices of… Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 16 – For All You Know

When Sherlock has to investigate himself, things get weird on Elementary. Holmes is suspected of murdering a woman and burying her in Central Park during his addiction days, but he can’t remember any of the details of the case. It’s a dark past full of missed connections and old relationships gone awry, but it’s also… Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 15 – When Your Number’s Up

It is an accepted fact of watching serialized television that some episodes are going to be filler. They are merely transitions that get you from one set piece or story line to another. When Your Number’s Up is one of those episodes. Joan has officially moved back into the brownstone and the transition seems almost too… Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 14 – The Female of the Species

Sherlock Holmes stories have a long and true tradition of murder by poison, so it should have been no surprise to me when Hemlock turned up in the title last week that the cause of death for Joan’s boyfriend, Andrew, would be the poison variety of the plant. And yet, last week I didn’t assume… Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 13 – Hemlock

This episode had all the odds stacked against it. Kitty Winter’s story largely took up the last two episodes and were so expertly crafted and conceived, it’s impossible to imagine how the show could come back from that with the same level of intensity and pull. So I appreciate that the writers didn’t even bother…. Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 12 – The One that Got Away

Every young aspiring television writer (and adaptation interpreter) should be required to sit down and study seasons 1 and 3 of Elementary. Why? Because they are master classes in character development, drama and timing. In season 1, we were treated to Sherlock and Joan’s relationship development juxtaposed against Sherlock’s personal quest for sobriety and in Joan’s… Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 11 – The Illustrious Client

For weeks, I’ve been wondering how long it would take for the Elementary writers to tip their hat to Doyle’s original stories and Kitty Winter’s origins. After all, they aren’t afraid of using the titles from canon for their individual episodes. If you don’t know about Kitty’s canonical backstory, the writers finally pointed viewers in… Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 10 – Seed Money

For weeks, I’ve been getting more and more excited about Kitty Winter. Her role as a budding detective under Holmes’ wing has not only made Sherlock more relatable, but it’s revealed a new side to nearly every character she comes in contact with on the show. Through Kitty, we’ve learned that Captain Gregson’s daughter is… Read More »

The Curious Case of Kitty Winter

Kitty Winter is one of those characters from so deep within the Sherlock Holmes canon that even the most dedicated Baker Street Irregular may not recognize the name. She’s rarely seen in adaptations. She is only found in one of the original stories. And she’s a mistress, so as you can imagine, the number of… Read More »

Elementary Review: 03 x 09 – The Eternity Injection

Many of the women who make up the Baker Street Babes are also huge Doctor Who fans, myself included. Time stories or stories about time travel are not only wildly exciting in my view, they are one of the most fertile grounds for exploring characters. So when this week’s episode showed promise of going in… Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 08 – End of Watch

Talk about relevant programming. In the midst of a national crisis around police relations in this country, the mid-season finale of Elementary starts with the news that a police officer has been murdered on patrol. To make things worse, he was unable to defend himself because his firearm had been replaced with a BB gun…. Read More »

Elementary Review: 03 x 07 – The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction

Let’s just admit this: Mrs. Hudson is the most underutilized character in the Elementary universe. In The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction, Mrs. Hudson makes a brief appearance as temporary assistant and police scanner in the middle of an investigation into a series of murders that all have the scent of nutmeg in common. In… Read More »

Elementary Review 03 x 06 – Terra Pericolosa

Translated from Italian, Terra Pericolosa means “dangerous land” – but in this case, it’s more of a dangerous map. On facts alone, this episode should have been brilliant. It had all the makings of a truly awesome story. Vintage maps. A mysterious break in. Lucrative business dealings on native lands. Add in the guest star, Mamie… Read More »

Book Review: Sherlock Holmes – The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die

Sherlock Holmes – The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die – The Museum of London Companion to the Exhibition review by BSB Maria When I received a review copy of the catalogue of/companion book to the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London, my first impression was that it is impossibly pretty…. Read More »

Elementary Review 02 x 24 – The Grand Experiment

It’s a bad sign when your lead-up episode to the finale is more exciting than your finale. This is not to say Elementary’s season 2 finale was bad – it just felt sulking. Honestly, it felt annoyed to have to wrap things up… or maybe it was just taking on Sherlock’s general attitude about life… Read More »

Elementary Review 02 x 23 – Art in the Blood

This review is full of SPOILERS. Do not read if you haven’t seen the episode and want to remain the dark. With only one episode remaining in Season 2 of Elementary, it was clearly time for the showrunners to reveal a couple key details about Mycroft. After spending an entire season violently changing my mind… Read More »

Elementary Review 02 x 22 – Paint It Black

In the final moments of last week’s episode, Joan Watson was captured by a frequent patron at Mycroft’s New York restaurant. She had discovered he was a wanted murderer and well, he’s a jerk, so he took her. As Holmes so clearly says at the beginning of the episode, “your very bad friends have taken… Read More »

Elementary Review 02 x 21 – The Man With the Twisted Lip

I would like to make a personal appeal to you today. If you… Haven’t been watching Elementary. Have been comparing every episode of Elementary to BBC’s Sherlock. Have only watched the show with vague interest. Is this you? Pay attention. Turn on The Man With the Twisted Lip. Void your mind of any reference to… Read More »

Elementary Review 02 x 20 – No Lack of Void

Jonny Lee Miller is underrated. I understand that the Cumberbatch shadow is nearly as large as that of a 40 story sky scraper, but the man is killing it week after week and No Lack of Void was a shining example of how he is evolving this character into something so much more than a… Read More »

Elementary 02 x 19 – The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville

So things got in the way of this review and for that, I apologize. You know, nerdy things, Sherlock things. 221B Con was a big success and I am better you’ll all love the live podcast from the Con in the weeks to come. Then there were the Shorty Awards, which we didn’t win, but… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02 x 18 – The Hound of the Cancer Cells

After nearly two seasons and more than forty episodes, for the first time ever, I was thoroughly creeped out by a murder on Elementary this week. Helium death not only sounds creepy, it is remarkably simple to pull off. And while I found myself comparing the hallucinogenic effects described and seen in BBC’s Sherlock and… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02 x 17 – Ears to All

Last week I hoped Lestrade would be given a chance to redeem himself before season 2 came to a close. Well, my wish came true. When Elementary excels, it’s because they’re focusing on relationships. Between Holmes and everyone else, yes, but also specifically when the people in Holmes’s life intersect and can teach one another… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02 x 16 – The One Percent Solution

Sometimes I find myself at a dinner party talking about Sherlock Holmes related topics, because yeah, I’m a BSB, of course I’m talking about Holmes at dinner parties. Anyway, after all topics related to Benedict Cumberbatch and the BBC are exhausted, I try to kindly stir people towards CBS’s Elementary. I often find myself saying… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02 x 15 – Corpse De Ballet

Don’t you hate it when crime procedurals hire way too famous an actor for a part, thus, giving away the killer far too early in the episode and deflating any sense of drama from the story? Yeah, me too. It’s been said before, but this week it was easy to see that CBS often falls… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02×14 – Dead Clade Walking

I don’t want to be so bold as to suggest that dinosaurs are a sure fire way to get wavering fans back into a show, BUT, dinosaurs sure did keep me interested in Elementary this week. Joan has been revisiting some of Sherlock’s “unsolved” cases and comes across an unusual homicide where a man’s home… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02 x 13 – All In The Family

Let’s solve a mystery this week, friends. Why bring Moriarty back and then just pretend like she never showed up at all? After her return last week, I was hopeful the season would be headed in a new direction that acknowledged both the difficult dynamic of loving someone who is definably evil and the changed… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02 x 12 – The Diabolical Kind

While the world patiently waited for Sherlock to return, Elementary served as a worthy distraction these last 24 months. There were plenty of reasons to believe this American-dwelling Holmes would never be a worthy comparison to our BBC baby, but over time, I’ve become increasingly attached to Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu’s take on… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02 x 11 – Internal Audit

Alfredo!!!!!!! Did the Elementary writers hear my calls? Did they see into my dreams? Did they read my tweets? Whatever the reason, I’m so glad to report that Sherlock Holmes’s sponsor, friend and fellow expert lock picker is back. Holmes is still reeling from recent incidents with Detective Bell and a visit to his sponsor’s… Read More »

Elementary Review: 02 x 10 – Tremors

Elementary is back on track, Sherlockians. And it’s not just because Jonny Lee Miller looks adorable in an apron. Tremors is one of the most compelling episodes of Season 2, potentially of the series to date, because it broke out of the crime procedural model a bit and focused instead on the gray areas of… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02 x 09 – On The Line

Not every cop loves Holmes and Watson. And why would they? They are constantly solving their cases or identifying problems in their investigations. I’ve always wondered what every other cop thought about their work and this week we get a clue. The contempt Holmes has for incompetence is always bubbling beneath the surface as he… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02×08 – Blood is Thicker

Last week’s Elementary was a high, high point for the season. Anything that came after it really had to shine or it was going to feel like a total letdown. Unfortunately, this episode fell flat for me. I was hopeful when I saw we were going to get to hang out with Rhys Ifans for… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02×07 – The Marchioness

I have never been so excited and so enraged at a character’s return as I was in the first few moments of The Marchioness. When a panning shot at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting reveals Mycroft Holmes (played brilliantly by Rhys Ifans) listening in on his brother’s vulnerable and telling reveal of why he believes he… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02×06 – An Unnatural Arrangement

Elementary has a reputation for taking established characters and giving them a bit of a twist or designing a new storyline for them that gives the viewer a new view of the character. One character who has seemed relatively unchanged up to this point though has been Captain Gregson. This week that changes. When Gregson’s… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02×05 – Ancient History

This week‘s episode felt a bit like an interlude after the first few episodes of this season have either broadened our horizon by giving us backstories of Joan and Sherlock, or by connecting contemporary issues with their line of work. Although all the main players were there and some allusions to the beginning on the… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02 x 04 – Poison Pen

I get the feeling Elementary is testing us. They want to introduce a new side of Sherlock Holmes. A sensitive, emotive, even empathetic Holmes, whom trusts others at their word, emotes effusively and even relates to the pain of others with great depth and intensity. Using the term Emo-Holmes may seem trite, but don’t mistake… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02 x 03 – We Are Everyone

A government contractor by day and hacker by night leaks government secrets to the media and then disappears. Sound familiar? When I said last week that Elementary was modernizing, going more high tech, I wasn’t wrong. What I am surprised is just how well timed this story aligns with the release of The Fifth Estate,… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02×02 – Solve for X

Could someone kill over a math problem?  That’s the essential question at hand in Solve for X. The second most essential question is why haven’t the producers featured a Sherlock workout scene before? Hot damn. Here’s the facts of the case: Two mathematicians are on the cusp of solving one of the most difficult problems… Read More »

Review: Elementary 02×01 – Step Nine

Elementary 02×01 – Step Nine Reviewed by Maria Fleischhack The Baker Street Babes     If you haven’t watched Elementary yet, do yourself a favor, forget the prejudices, and watch that show. It’s nothing like Sherlock BBC in all the good ways. And I am saying that as a huge BBC fan. But seriously, it’s… Read More »

Review: Elementary 01×23 – The Woman/Heroine

Elementary 01×23 – The Woman/Heroine Reviewed by Liz Giorgi Being Geek Chic For The Baker Street Babes When we were first introduced to this Sherlock Holmes and Watson months ago, we knew two distinct things about the show: the first and most obvious being that Watson was a woman. The second was that Sherlock was… Read More »

Review: Elementary 01×21 – Landmark Story

  Elementary 01×21 – Landmark Story Reviewed by Liz Giorgi Being Geek Chic For The Baker Street Babes   The Moriarty mystery finally picks back up where it left off this week and with it came momentum, excitement and one of the best scenes in the series yet. This Moriarty mystery episode is all spoilers… Read More »

Review: Elementary 01×20 – Dead Man’s Switch

Elementary 01×20- Dead Man’s Switch Reviewed by Liz Giorgi Being Geek Chic For The Baker Street Babes   You know what I really wish they would try on Elementary? Sherlock Holmes being happy. Sure, he has these momentary (and by momentary, I mean two seconds) instances of pleasure whilst solving a case, but the fact… Read More »