Translating Vincent Starrett’s Sonnet “221B” (“Always 1895”)

In commemoration of the 85th anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s death, many Sherlockians from all over the world participated in a translation challenge. To celebrate Doyle’s life, work and specifically his characters Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, we put together a little collection of translations of Vincent Starrett’s lovely sonnet “221B” (“Always 1895”). You… Read More »

Call for Translators and Proof-Readers for “Always 1895”

  The year 2015 marks the 120th anniversary of Sherlock Holmes’s most productive year. In 1895 he got into a bar fight during the case of “The Solidary Cyclist”, caught a cheating student of classical Greek in “The Three Students”, taught Inspector Hopkins what it means to properly handle a case in “The Black Peter”… Read More »

Book Review: Sherlock Holmes – The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die

Sherlock Holmes – The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die – The Museum of London Companion to the Exhibition review by BSB Maria When I received a review copy of the catalogue of/companion book to the Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London, my first impression was that it is impossibly pretty…. Read More »

221b Con 2014

April 3-6, 2014: Atlanta, Georgia. Fan cons are an amazing thing. First, they start as a simple idea of a date and location. Before our eyes, they grow shape and content through the collaboration of organizers and interested fans. It’s not until you get there, though, that the magic overtakes you. Last year’s inaugural 221b… Read More »

Case Of The Blue Pants Giveway!

    We’ve partnered with the amazing people at Derek Rose for a very special giveaway. They’re being a little cheeky and are offering a pair of silk boxer shorts made of the SAME material as Sherlock’s dressing gown. ”[W]e don’t know what underwear Sherlock wears…but we like to think it would be Derek Rose!”… Read More »

Best Podcaster Nominations For The Shorty Awards!

For the first time ever, we’re going for an award, The Shorty Awards to be exact! For the past two years Sherlockology have won the fansite category, and after partying with them last year, we hatched the idea to try and get as many Sherlock Holmes based winners as possible. Plus it’d be kinda nice… Read More »

What does the Free Sherlock ruling mean for fans?

Guest Article By Betsy Rosenblatt On December 23, 2013, a U.S. District Court ruled in the case of Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd. that U.S. copyright protection had expired on all elements of the Holmes canon that were first introduced before 1923 — including the characters of Holmes and Watson. The ten stories of the… Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Should Love Sherlock Video

We, the Baker Street Babes, love YOU! That’s why we’ve put together a video about five reasons to love BBC Sherlock. We hope you enjoy and that it helps get you through the wait for episode 1! Kisses!

Wholock: When Sherlock Met The Doctor

Ever wonder what would happen if Sherlock ran away with The Doctor? Wonder no more. YouTuber John Smith has fused together footage from Doctor Who and Sherlock, along with some clever CGI and a very good editing job, to create a five minute mini-movie that is sure to delight all the BBC addicts out there…. Read More »


One year ago today we hosted SHERLOPALOOZA. [Watch video on YouTube] 250 fans congregated in The Prince Charles Cinema in London to watch Sherlock Series 2. There was a special Q&A with composer Michael Price and blog writer Joe Lidster along with a raffle and cosplay contest. Fandom is amazing, so enjoy! SEE YOU IN… Read More »

World premiere of Sherlock S3 E1 – “The Empty Hearse” to be held at the BFI on December 15

Sherlockology reported yesterday: On Sunday December 15 2013 at 13:00GMT, the British Film Institute will show S3E1: The Empty Hearse in a public screening at the National Film Theatre on London’s Southbank, ahead of the yet to be announced first television airing in the UK on the BBC. The premiere will be followed by a… Read More »

Fandom Friday: Beastly Beverages

We’ve been a little lax with the whole Fandom Friday thing recently, I mean, this is posting on a Saturday and all… so sorry for that! It’s a busy time in BSB land. I just moved back to London, Lyndsay is on a book tour for Seven For A Secret, Maria just finished her PhD…… Read More »

Luchador Watson!

Sometimes we can be really funny. It can happen. Really. And sometimes those moments inspire our listeners to also be really funny. In Episode 43: Charles Augustus Milverton, we talked about how Watson picks up a chair to attack Milvy because he’s such an asshat. Curly made the comment that Watson is now a luchador… Read More »

The One Fixed Point Update!

  An Update! Hello all! You’ve been very patient and to be honest, I think us editors underestimated the time needed to edit and format all the chosen essays. This publishing biz takes awhile haha. BUT! Good news! We’re finalizing the last remaining essays, making them look pretty, getting our introduction sorted by a very… Read More »

A Big SherlockeDCC Thank You

SherlockeDCC was just a month ago – I really can’t believe it. It seemed like now would be a good time to just close the book on the success of the event, share the love and give everyone an update. For starters, thank you to everyone who made SherlockeDCC possible. As a way of showing just… Read More »

Fandom Friday: The Norwood Builder

“The Adventure of the Norwood Builder” is one of the 13 stories contained in The Return of Sherlock Holmes. It’s also the name of an outstanding Sherlockian Tumblr account. While many accounts contain wonderful collections of photos and interesting information, The Norwood Builder takes things a step further by including serious Holmesian scholarship.  But don’t be… Read More »

The 221B Library: BBC Sherlock’s Books & Magazines

The amount of detail that members of the Sherlock fandom go into to uncover clues, decipher scenes, and explore the intricacies of the characters never fails to astound me. Tumblr user mid0nz has done her detective work, along with the help of some sprightly volunteers, and made a list of all the books and magazine’s… Read More »

Shell Shocked: A Sherlock Fanvid

When John Watson comes back from the war in Afghanistan he’s traumatized and lonely. Until he meets Sherlock Holmes. They become flatmates and best friends but soon John has to find out that something is seriously wrong with his new found friend. [YouTube] [tumblr] This fanvid is phenomenal. Not only that, it messes with your… Read More »

Sherlockian Easter Eggs

Ah, Spring is here (despite all the snow) and that means Easter. Whether you celebrate it for religious reasons or for an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate, one tradition we can hopefully all agree on enjoying is that of Easter Eggs! So what is a Sherlockian to do when faced with the task… Read More »

Fandom Fav: Sherlockian Greeting Cards

Curly Fandom Fav: Multiverse Sherlockian Greeting Cards! Tumblr user tumblebuggie created these fantastic Sherlockian Greeting cards with multiple inset choices! I love these not only because you can choose from our adaptation of choice, but the art is fantastically fun. You can buy these and other designs (INCLUDING a Great Mouse Detective one!!) at her… Read More »