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The Babes have been featured in numerous articles and interviews, both online and off. From The Today Show to Geek Girls Network, here’s a full list of their appearances.





The Baker Street Babes regularly attend and are invited to meetings, conventions, and events. Find out where we’ll be next here!

  • 221B Con, 4/12-4/14 in Atlanta, GA USA. (BSBs Curly, Taylor, and Amy) Appearing on numerous panels and recording a LIVE podcast.
  • A Scintillation of Scions, 6/8-6/9 in Hanover, MD USA. (BSBs Lyndsay, Curly, and Taylor) Attending as speakers (Lyndsay) and for fun.
  • San Diego Comic Con, 7/17-7/22 in San Diego, CA USA (BSB Curly, so far) Attending for fun.
  • Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival, 7/18-7/21 in Harrogate, England (BSB Lyndsay) Attending as an author.
  • Sherlock Holmes Through Times & Place, 8/9-8/11 in Minneapolis, MN USA (BSB Curly) Attending as a panelist.
  • Dragon*Con,  8/30-9/2 in Atlanta, GA USA (BSB Taylor, so far) Attending as a guest as part of BritTrack, possible Sherlock panel runner.
  • Bouchercon, 9/19-9/22 in Albany, NY USA (BSB Lyndsay) Attending as a panelist.
  • New York Comic Con, 10/10-10/13 in NYC, NY USA (BSBs Lyndsay and Melinda) Attending on Friday as part of the Watson & Holmes table.



“Funny, smart women talking about Sherlock Holmes. Every Sherlockian should hear this.” – Zunely

“I look forward to each and every episode of this great podcast. I have listened to various Sherlockian Podcasts over the years and although they are informative they miss that extra spark. The BSB’s really bring something new to the table, a gathering of like minded Holmes fanatics that is both informative and fun. They really care and convey this brilliantly. Being a huge admirer of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works for as long as I can remember this is the first time I have felt like someone is on the same wavelength.” - Stubert8