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Book Reviews: New Sherlockian Historical Fiction

  Richard T. Ryan’s The Vatican Cameos tells the oft-mentioned story alluded to by Watson. The phrase “Vatican Cameos”  became a military code after Doyle used it, but it’s unclear if it had been previously used or was derived from him.... More »


Roses are red Violets are blue This poem is lacking But we’re hosting #221BeMine for you!   Love is in the air, and on February 14th, we’ll be hosting our annual celebration of Holmesian affection on our Twitter account... More »

The Whole Art of Detection: A Personal Book Review

  Lyndsay Faye is my friend. I’m leading with that because I can’t think of anything more disingenuous than proceeding as if an early-release copy of The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes somehow magically appeared on my... More »

Webseries: Whitlock – A Study in Starlet

Whitlock – A Study in Starlet by Redmond Fitzpatrick and Lauren Tess Whitlock Season One consists of five approx. 5-8 minute long episodes which evolve around the slightly grumpy Sophie Whitlock (Lauren Tess, who also co-wrote the series), a... More »

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