Here is the collection of transcripts of our episodes, interviews, etc. We are endeavouring to have every episode transcribed, but it takes a lot of work, so if you see an episode you’d like to do, please get in touch!


[Episode 26: Lara Pulver] ¦ [Episode 27: Amanda Abbington] ¦ [Episode 28: Louise Brealey]

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  1. Janet Gray says:

    Saw your transcripts and call for transcribers. Would someone be double checking the notes? Not sure I’d get everyone’s names right by their voice ;-)
    I’d be willing to do Special #4 Lyndsay’s intro to cannon part 1, or Special #5, Lyndsay’s intro part 2 (haven’t listened to that one yet though), or maybe both, depending on how it goes and how many people you have willing to help.
    If these are taken, let me know what other ones need to be done.
    Love what you do,

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