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Episode 75: The Hillywood Show!

From Pirates of the Caribbean to Supernatural , these ladies have wowed the internet with their incredible parodies. Join us in talking with Hilly and Hannah Hindi, the bloody awesome minds behind The Hillywood Show, in talking about their... More »

Call for Submissions! (call closed)

Edit 12.08.2016 Please note that all the ladies have been claimed. Thank you so much for being in touch and we look forward to reading the new contributions.  Two years ago, we started writing essays on canonical and non-canonical... More »

The Original Baker Street Babes, Part 4

  This concludes Howard Ostrom’s groundbreaking historical research project. We appreciate his willingness for us to debut the project on our site, and we’ve loved learning about the amazing women who have portrayed Holmes throughout history. Original Baker Street... More »

BSB Live & Local 5: New York Public Library

Welcome all to the latest edition of Baker Street Babes Live and Local: New York Public Library Edition! This June, Babe Lyndsay was honored to be a guest panelist for a fascinating discussion of the Holmes mythos at the... More »

The Original Baker Street Babes, Part 3

Original Baker Street Babes Female Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson Performers by Howard Ostrom Part Three (2000 – 2014) Stage, Film, Radio, TV & Internet Part three adds female Holmes & Watson performers from the newest media, that of... More »

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