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Book Release: Femme Friday

We are incredibly happy and proud to be able to announce the publication of our essay collection: What started as an act of resistance – a weekly post on Fridays on our tumblr to celebrate – rather than mock... More »

Babe Ardy visits Bonnie MacBird for tea, shortbread, and a discussion of Unquiet Spirits, the second of MacBird’s trilogy of Holmes pastiches. Join us to hear about what it’s like to write and research a Holmes novel, including tales... More »

Book Review: Bonnie MacBird: Unquiet Spirits

Bonnie MacBird’s versions of Holmes and Watson are back on form in this action-packed sequel to Art in the Blood. The adventure involves spirits in both meanings of the word: ghosts and alcoholic liquids. One alcoholic liquid in particular,... More »

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