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Last-Minute Sherlockian Gift Guide

We’re entering the holiday home stretch, but if you’re still looking for gifts or stocking stuffers for the Holmesians in your life–or maybe for how to spend those giftcards coming your way–we have a few suggestions. Christmas delivery is... More »

130 Years of A Study in Scarlet: A Tribute

To a great mind, nothing is little. —-Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet 130 years ago today, Beeton’s Christmas Annual took a chance on a story by new author, a doctor in his twenties who happened to be named Arthur... More »

Episode 82: Baker Street in LA

It’s not every day you find an entire re-creation of 221B Baker Street… it’s even rarer when that re-creation is in Los Angeles. Chuck Kovacic is a longtime Sherlockian and utterly devoted to having the most authentic Sherlock Holmes... More »

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