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TV Review/First Impression: Mystery Queen

(This is will spoiler-free for anything major) Mystery Queen (Queen of Mystery) is 2017’s newest contribution to the ongoing Sherlock Holmes zeitgeist. Produced by South Korea’s Public Broadcasting network (KBS, aired on KBS2), it’s far from being a rehash of... More »

Book Reviews: New Sherlockian Historical Fiction

  Richard T. Ryan’s The Vatican Cameos tells the oft-mentioned story alluded to by Watson. The phrase “Vatican Cameos”  became a military code after Doyle used it, but it’s unclear if it had been previously used or was derived from him.... More »


Roses are red Violets are blue This poem is lacking But we’re hosting #221BeMine for you!   Love is in the air, and on February 14th, we’ll be hosting our annual celebration of Holmesian affection on our Twitter account... More »

The Whole Art of Detection: A Personal Book Review

  Lyndsay Faye is my friend. I’m leading with that because I can’t think of anything more disingenuous than proceeding as if an early-release copy of The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes somehow magically appeared on my... More »

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