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Name:  Kristina Manente aka Curly

Hails From:  Amurrica, but lives in Seoul.

About Me:  I found this shindig after I realized I enjoyed chatting about Sherlock Holmes with people I liked. So other than doing the podcast, I’m an ardent traveler and have been to over forty countries and have no plans to stop. I’m a radio junkie and on-air host. I taught English in a small fishing city (Yaizu) in Japan for a year and am a lapsed historian and archaeologist. I’m a vegetarian, a hipster,  an author, a dreamer, and have crazy curly ginger hair.  I write about travel at The Nerdventurists and nerdy things at Very Nerdy Curly. You can find out all you’d like to know about me professionally on my website or follow me on twitter @CurlyFourEyes and attempt to figure out what my stream of consciousness is really saying. I’m a member of the BSI and my investiture was in 2015 with the name Grace Dunbar.

I’ve appeared on The Today Show & NBC 13 WTHR and in USA Today, Fox News, & various online blogs. The Baker Street Babes have been in The New York Times as well. That was pretty awesome.

How I First Encountered Sherlock Holmes:  I was hopelessly addicted to The Great Mouse Detective as a child, though it wasn’t until the Robert Downey Jr movies and the BBC Sherlock series that I really encountered him again.

Favourite Character: Sherlock Holmes, my brilliant broken baby.

Favourite Story:   “Charles Augustus Milverton.” He’s a nasty piece of work. Love it.

Favourite Adaptation:  The Great Mouse Detective with BBC Sherlock as a close second.

One Random Fact:  I am terrified of Ferris Wheels and fireflies, yet will happily traipse over crumbling temples in Cambodia. Priorities man. Priorities.


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