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Name: Maria

Hails From: Leipzig, Germany

About Me: I studied British Studies and Egyptology at Leipzig University and hold a Ph.D. in English Literature, which I also teach at uni. I spend most of my time teaching, reading, drawing and, occasionally, writing. I adore travelling; both because I love to see new places, and because wherever I travel there are usually friends waiting for me. Apart from that I am a huge movie geek and I cannot exist without music. Sherlock Holmes has somewhat taken over my life; but thankfully that works out just fine, considering I can also teach it in class. It beautifully connects my hobby with my job, and I am incredibly thankful for that.

How I First Encountered Sherlock Holmes: Probably in a song by my favourite German band Die Prinzen “Mein Bester Freund” in which Sherlock Holmes is listed as one of their heroes. I know I watched several adaptations but I was familiar with some the stories before that. I can’t remember reading the stories for the very first time, though.

Favourite Character: John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. Sorry, can’t choose.

Favourite Story: A Study In Scarlet, The Devil’s Foot

Favourite Adaptation: BBC Sherlock, Without A Clue and the 80s Russian Sherlock Holmes

One Random Fact: I love teaching Sherlock Holmes at uni (English Literature, BA level) and I know that I have managed to make Sherlockians out of several of my students!

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