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Name: Sora

Hails From: California

About Me: A native Californian who will likely die surrounded by books. A trained Nurse turned Graphic Designer; I’m a military brat who’s lived all over the place and have no intention to stop traveling.  I’m working on a BA in Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication located in…you guessed it: London!

How I First Encountered Sherlock Holmes: Like many, The Great Mouse Detective was the first time I was exposed to a brilliant mind that solved crimes with the help of his good Doctor. Later when I was older I began to read the books but it wasn’t until Tumblr convinced me to watch BBC Sherlock that my love for it rose to a fever pitch. I then went back and watched other incarnations of the infamous detective and his doctor; I can now say I adore the whole of this fandom in which ever form it takes

Favourite Character: Professor James Moriarty.

Favourite Story: The Empty House and The Speckled Band

Favourite Adaptation: BBC Sherlock

One Random Fact: I enjoy hosting fan groups. I previously co-ran the San Diego Sherlockians. I now co-run the London Sherlockians and the San Diego Comic Con fan meet up: SDCCLocked. I also like to change the colour of my hair on a monthly basis, it’s always changing and always an unnatural colour.

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