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Name:  Tamar Zeffren

Hails From:  New York

About Me:  Archivist with a specialization in born-digital assets, medievalist, inveterate volunteer, and ardent theatre lover

How I First Encountered Sherlock Holmes:  My mystery-loving (and Anglophilic) tendencies were pretty pronounced, even at a young age. At age 7, I asked someone on staff at our public library for “the detective books.” I guess they read between the lines. The problem with being a fast reader is that, weeks later, I was crushed to reach…the end.

Or, so I thought. About four years ago, I stepped out into the wealth of Sherlockian communities that New York is blessed with–and then beyond. Since then, the scope and talents of fellow Sherlockians never ceases to enrich, comfort, and amaze.

Favourite Character: The honourable Army doctor, John H. Watson…and a sly tip to that sly dog Inspector Baynes in “The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge.” Enticing compliments from Holmes that leave one “flushed with pleasure” is no unremarkable feat.

Favourite Story:  “The Three Garridebs” and “The Man with the Twisted Lip.”

Favourite Adaptation:  Granada and Without a Clue (hee hee)

One Random Fact: I won my school’s fifth-grade spelling bee…as a third grader.

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