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Name:  Tiffany Knight

Hails From:  New York, New York

About Me:  I am an actress who moved to New York from Texas five years ago. Since then I now have a day job working as a wardrobe dresser and try to audition in-between. In addition to things Sherlockian, I enjoy swing dancing, costuming and just dressing up in pretty things and going out whenever time allows.

How I First Encountered Sherlock Holmes: Beyond actual memory. I remember my love awakened upon rereading the opening of Sign of Four detailing his cocaine usage and fell for a second time as I took in his imperfections.

Favourite Character: A Norwegian Explorer named Sigerson.

Favourite Story: Usually depends on the day of the week. But I probably re-read Final Problem the most.

Favourite Adaptation:  A Study in Pink

One Random Fact: Detective Conan is what got me into the Sherlockian world. I always had more of a thing for obscure Holmesian references, but it was the series that actually helped make me aware that there were societies to be joined and want to become part of the Sherlockian community.

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