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SHAM 2012

The Sherlock Holmes Anniversary Meet Up took place on 28/01/12 and 29/01/12  in London, celebrating the suppose day Sherlock Holmes and John Watson met. Following the airing of Sherlock Series 2, the fandom created ‘We Believe In Sherlock Holmes,’ a meta campaign wherein fans set out to prove Sherlock wasn’t a sham and that Moriarty was real and not a hired actor or created by Sherlock himself. The campaign went on to get international recognition and was applauded by the show’s creators and cast, as well as referenced in Series 3 of the show.

Believe In Sherlock
50+ fans of Sherlock Holmes and the BBC Sherlock series met in London to laugh, chat about, and love on the characters and stories that brought them all together. Since this followed the airing of Sherlock’s, “The Reichenbach Fall,” the “I Believe In Sherlock” movement had only just begun and was in full swing. In addition, there was loud support for The Undershaw Preservation Trust.

Save Undershaw

The weekend included trips to museums, quizzes, and general fan frivolity.

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