Episode 49: The Empty Hearse

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This episode contains spoilers from The Empty Hearse. If you don’t want spoilers, stop reading. Don’t listen until you’ve seen the episode. Spoilerssss. Big spoilers! You’ve been warned…

It’s been two years, but Sherlock is back. The Empty Hearse, by Mark Gatiss, reunites the consulting detective and army doctor, but not without a few big bumps along the way.

London is under attack, there’s a new love interest in the form of Mary Morstan, and why does Mycroft need a goldfish?

We talk about the emotional see-saw that is Sherlock, how glad we are John reacted the way he did, and how disappointed we were in Moran. We debate and try to get into the heads of Sherlock & john during THE SCENE, and we answer questions from followers.

3 Responses to “Episode 49: The Empty Hearse”

  1. sphinxyvic says:

    No, I think the date code was supposed to be November 5, 2013, another reference to Guy Fawkes. It’s the day/month date style that they use in Europe.

  2. blablabla says:

    about whether or not sherlock and watson are going to talk about why sherlock faked his death, I don’t know if it counts as canon but on john’s website made by the BBC, john has written :
    “Turns out he’d faked his death because Moriarty had threatened those close to him. Including me. He’d gone into hiding, happy to leave me and everyone else thinking he was dead.”
    so they may have decided to leave the revelation aside.
    There, you also have posts made by fake fans so it’s quite interesting to see how they view the fandom (for instance there’s some trolling, but fans like ‘jacob’ who makes fanarts, videos or even podcasts and websites about sherlock are depicted very sweetly!)

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