Episode 50: The Sign Of Three

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This podcast contains spoilers. Major spoilers. Spoilers of the extreme. You have been warned.

What a corker! The Sign Of Three has pretty much universally delighted the BSBs, but there’s still plenty to talk about, lots of theories, and a whole ton of meta.

Join BSBs Maria, Curly, Kafers, Lyndsay, Melinda, Amy, Ardy, and Sarah for our 50th episode!

Who is the id, the ego, and the super ego in Sherlock? What’s wrong with our beautiful consulting detective? And dear god what is going to happen in His Last Vow?

Music is from the preview of Sherlock Series 3’s soundtrack. (c) Michael Price and David Arnold

5 Responses to “Episode 50: The Sign Of Three”

  1. Joan Stump says:

    One thing I noticed right away, and I have not heard mentioned, was that we see Sherlock walk into the sitting room with his mouth full of cigarettes. he then puts them all into a silk slipper with upturned toe, as in canon.
    Thanks,I have enjoyed your podcasts very much,

  2. blablabla says:

    holmes and watson : buy one, get one free

  3. AlisonK says:

    Hi. Just listened to the podcast about Sign of Three, and wanted to say what a joy it was to hear you all laughing so much. Having read ENTIRELY too many negative comments online about this ep, it is a delight to hear other people having as much fun with it as I did. I was almost starting to think my husband & I were the only ones who loved it!

    Am very nervous about Last Vow though. Will be arming myself with tissues!

  4. Hannah P says:

    This has brought joy to my day…thank you so so much for expressing all the my thoughts and so many more. Just a joy :)

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