Episode 51: His Last Vow

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ep51This podcast contains spoilers. Major spoilers. Spoilers of the extreme. You have been warned.

It seemed like Sherlock Series 3 only started less than two weeks ago… oh… wait. Yup, it’s finale time, and what a finale it was! Sherlock Series 3 is over just like that, and with it there wer emore twists and turns and exploration than we’ve ever seen before. No more so than in His Last Vow.

BSBs Curly, Lyndsay, Kafers, Ardy, Amy, & Sarah get their teeth into His Last Vow.

We debate, we have opinions, we change opinions, and we all agree that Charles Augustus Magnussen is the best… in a “he’s horrible I hate him” kind of way.

Questions from followers and listeners, our thoughts on THE ENDING and what Series 4 may have in store for us.

Music samples from Sherlock Series 3 Soundtrack include Appledore and East Wind Coming. (c) Michael Price and David Arnold

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7 Responses to “Episode 51: His Last Vow”

  1. Lu Monte says:

    Great podcast, guys, as always. :)

    Two things occured to me as I listened:

    1. Do you remember when Molly says that perhaps she has a type? It seems like foreshadowing now for John’s choices regarding to Mary and Sherlock, don’t you think? He certainly has a type.

    2. You mentioned the “dragon slayer” thing and I remembered when Magnussen says that John is Sherlock’s damsel in distress. It fits perfectly.

    Also, I really love the theory about Moriarty’s avatar being Sherlock’s emotions. And I am, too, hoping that the “high-functioning sociopath” line be forgotten, but I like the theory that it’s something Sherlock says to maintain people’s expectations about him low. (At the time of ASiP there was also the idea that he says that because he somehow believes in it – maybe because people said it to him in the past -, even though it’s completely false… maybe it makes sense, given his dificulty to look at his own emotions.)

    And yes, let’s not think about John and Mary’s little girl. Oh, my feels…

  2. sphinxyvic says:

    Also, related to the idea of Sherlock disregarding the fact that Mary shot him, it goes back to all those people in the ACD stories that Holmes just lets walk free, like the guy in Devil’s Foot, for instance, even though he is guilty of murder. So Holmes has always had his own sense of justice, and this is one of the first times we’ve seen it manifested in this series, I think.

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank you for a wonderfully engaging discussion of the episode! I really enjoyed your exploration of the Mary/Moran hints and imagery and what it may or may not mean or foreshadow.

    I also adored the discussion of the dragon slayer metaphor in canon and in the episode. Made me think of a lovely and entirely coincidental combination of the dragon/east wind metaphors in this song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiBN59iJkTI) … where ‘the east wind strides like a dragon’. :)

    Personally, my main problem with His Last Vow is that John can forgive Mary for almost killing Sherlock and even if she didn’t mean to kill him, for readily accepting the risk that he might in fact die. I can see how it is in line with Sherlock’s sense of justice/way of seeing the world that he would forgive her but for John to do that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m with Mummy Holmes on this one. ;) I wonder what your thoughts on this are?

  4. Shari says:

    What if Mary is Moran? She knew Sherlock was being exiled. Could have planned the timing of Moriarty’s “miss me” to stop him from going. Timing is every thing.

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  6. Extreme Cumberbitch says:

    I love what you do and your voice, I am so obsessed, I cant possibly wait for the next series, when they bring it back, you just want more. It is going to be hard to survive, but your amazing commentary might hold me over for a while. Thank you, and I almost died when Magnussen went in the fireplace.

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