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Episode 51: His Last Vow

ep51It seemed like Sherlock Series 3 only started less than two weeks ago… oh… wait. Yup, it’s finale time, and what a finale it was! Sherlock Series 3 is over just like that, and with it there wer emore twists and turns and exploration than we’ve ever seen before. No more so than in His Last Vow.

BSBs Curly, Lyndsay, Kafers, Ardy, Amy, & Sarah get their teeth into His Last Vow.

We debate, we have opinions, we change opinions, and we all agree that Charles Augustus Magnussen is the best… in a “he’s horrible I hate him” kind of way.

Questions from followers and listeners, our thoughts on THE ENDING and what Series 4 may have in store for us.

Music samples from Sherlock Series 3 Soundtrack include Appledore and East Wind Coming. (c) Michael Price and David Arnold

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