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Episode 62: Parodying Sherlock with Vidar Magnussen



What is the essence of a unibrow?

How do you make a comedic hit? You get a director who doesn’t understand English, a comedian who looks like Martin Freeman, and Vidar Magnussen who writes three minutes of utter nonsense. That’s BBBC’s Sherlock by NRK, and it’s glorious.

The first skit, Oklahomo, became so popular online that another was commissioned and now here’s the third! Babes Maria, Taylor, and Sora sit down with mastermind Vidar to talk about how the skits came to be, specifically about ‘The Case of the Missing Shoulder’ and how “[i]t’s a very strange collaboration of people not knowing what the hell they’re doing.”

You can watch the latest parody below. It stars Vidar Magnussen as Sherlock Holmes and Bjarte Tjøstheim as Dr. Watson.

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