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Episode 80: Martin Powell Live at 221B Con


We’re back! And with a live recorded podcast at 221B Con, our favorite Sherlock Holmes convention. This episode is with Martin Powell, whom you may know from comics or Disney or marvel or children’s books or … y’know… Sherlock Holmes!

We chat with him about how Holmes keeps coming back into his life, his amazing friendship with Ray Bradbury, Dracula and Holmes, and we keep mentioning nuns for some reason…


Scarlet in gaslight is a series that we talked a lot with Martin about, and one ALL of you should read!

“Professor Moriarty has coerced Dracula into plunging London into terror. Holmes, with the assistance of Professor van Helsing, and his own Dr. Watson must turn to the famed actress Sarah Bernhardt to uncover the clues that will bring this supernatural case to a close.”

Martin Powell is the author of hundreds of science fiction, mystery, and horror stories. He has worked in the comic book industry since 1986, writing for Marvel, DC, Malibu, Caliber, Moonstone, and Disney, among others, and has been nominated for the coveted Eisner Award. Martin also writes children’s books, and frequently contributes prose for many short story anthologies.

You can follow Martin on twitter at @MartinPowell221B.



You can check out and buy Martin’s titles on Amazon (and bookstores everywhere), especially his beautiful Hound of the Baskervilles and Scarlet in Gaslight.

Photo credit: Tim Greer

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