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Episode 82: Baker Street in LA

It’s not every day you find an entire re-creation of 221B Baker Street… it’s even rarer when that re-creation is in Los Angeles. Chuck Kovacic is a longtime Sherlockian and utterly devoted to having the most authentic Sherlock Holmes sitting room in the world. The amount of detail and research that has been poured into the room where so many of the stories truly took place is nothing short of astounding.


We had a chat with Chuck about how the sitting room came about, some of the items he has (and how he got them), and how you can visit the sitting room yourself (even online!).


Episode 82: Baker Street in LA - Sitting Room - The Baker Street Babes Podcast -


You can learn more about Chuck’s Baker Street sitting room on his website at



And here is the link for the 360 tour.


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