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Special #14: 221B Con Live With Ben Syder

221B2015Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes is the best Sherlock Holmes adaptation of all time. I mean, what other Holmes film has him battling a mechanical dragon while in a dirigible/hot air balloon with a gatling gun?! NONE!

We lucky ladies got to sit down and chat with Ben Syder, who played the amazing Sherlock Holmes in this masterpiece of cinema at 221B Con this year. Learn all about how he had NO idea what Asylum was, missing scenes, and how someone thought he was Robert Downey Jr.

Photo by Chris Zordan

Photo by Chris Zordan

NO IDEA WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT?! Watch the trailer for Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes BELOW!

Huge thanks to Ben for chatting with us and to 221B Con for having us back!

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