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Baking Baker Street Babes

BSB Ardy is visiting BSB Maria in Germany at the moment, and apart from the obligatory Christmas Market visit and a bit of sight-seeing, baking has been a highlight... More »

Book Release: Femme Friday

We are incredibly happy and proud to be able to announce the publication of our essay collection: What started as an act of resistance – a weekly post on... More »

Fandom Friday: Beastly Beverages

We’ve been a little lax with the whole Fandom Friday thing recently, I mean, this is posting on a Saturday and all… so sorry for that! It’s a busy... More »

Luchador Watson!

Sometimes we can be really funny. It can happen. Really. And sometimes those moments inspire our listeners to also be really funny. In Episode 43: Charles Augustus Milverton, we... More »

Shell Shocked: A Sherlock Fanvid

When John Watson comes back from the war in Afghanistan he’s traumatized and lonely. Until he meets Sherlock Holmes. They become flatmates and best friends but soon John has... More »

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