And it’s here! SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention


SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention is finally here. It’s been a long time coming and Sherlock fans are ever the patient ones. But the time has come and some details and guests have been announced ahead of the April event.

SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention will be taking place at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre from 24th – 26th April 2015.  You can buy tickets and find out more at or click the SHERLOCKED banner above.

Massive Events Ltd, in association with Hartswood Films and Showmasters Ltd, are organising a weekend of celebration for one of the most popular BBC television programmes of recent years, Sherlock.


Sherlock Holmes himself, BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, is the first guest to be announced. There no word if his co-stars Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves, and Louise Brealey will be joining, but hopefully they’ll be on board with the rest of the Sherlock crew in future announcements.

Joining Benedict on the guest list is series co-creator and Mycroft Holmes, MARK GATISS, series co-creator and writer STEVEN MOFFAT and series Producer SUE VERTUE.  From behind the scenes award winning Production Designer ARWEL JONES will be on hand to share behind the scenes secrets and insights into making one of the most talked about shows in recent years.

So what will SHERLOCKED be like?

The three day event will feature a packed programme of activities that includes displays of sets used on the show, including 221b Baker Street, an exhibition of genuine props and costumes, plus, for the first time ever, an exclusive museum that details John Watson’s army past and more.  Two talk stages will be hosting Q&As with the guests, behind the scenes presentations, fan panels, episode screenings with special introductions and the Sherlock Observation Quiz which promises to test the fans to the limit.  SFX and Makeup demonstrations will also feature, as well as Stunt Demonstrations to show the fans how some of the most memorable scenes were created.

Not gonna lie, the stunt demonstrations sound wicked.


And of course, all the very latest Sherlock merchandise will be available to browse or buy, as well as the chance to own your very own piece of Sherlock memorabilia with the Big Sherlock Auction. Does Rupert Graves count as Sherlock memorabilia?

With more guests to be announced very soon and more features to be revealed, SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention will undoubtedly have something for every Sherlock fan!

Price tiers are as followed (with thanks to Sherlockology)

Standard tickets start at £29 for a single day, with a weekend pass for all three days at £44. From there a tiered system of pricing comes into play, adding numerous perks to the attendee’s experience, including photoshoots, autograph sessions and exciting merchandise at the Silver (£125), Gold (£295) and Platinum (£595) levels.

VIP package will see you get the chance to take part in an intimate roundtable discussion with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, go on a guided tour of the sets with Arwel Jones as your guide, and get priority seating at all events alongside a full suite of autographs, photo shoots and numerous other bonuses – all for the cool price of £2995.

The Game is On!

Grab tickets at


About Massive Events: Massive Events Ltd was formed in 2008 to concentrate on single fandom events and have gone on to create the very popular Eternal Twilight Conventions, Chevron Conventions for fans of Stargate and Hallowhedon, a yearly event over the Halloween weekend for fans of all things Joss Whedon.

About Showmasters Ltd: Organiser of Film and Comic Cons around the country, including the flagship event ‘London Film and Comic Con’ that takes place in July every year and in 2014 attracted over 70,000 visitors with guests including Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher and Sir John Hurt.

About Hartswood Films: With an award-winning portfolio of drama, light entertainment and documentary films, Hartswood prides itself on being truly independent, “able to make programmes we are genuinely passionate about and believe we can make well,” and the company now provides programmes for BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, ITV and Channel 4.

And it’s here! SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention

SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention is finally here. It’s been a long time coming and Sherlock fans are ever the patient ones. But the time has come and some details and guests have been announced ahead of the April event. SHERLOCKED: The Official Sherlock Convention will be taking place at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre from… Read More »

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