Baker Street Babes 500k Listen Giveaway: Twitter Edition

Twitter 1st Prize


And the 2nd Prize!

Twitter 2nd Prize


To enter this Giveaway…

  • You MUST be following us on twitter, as this is a gift to our followers.
  • You may RETWEET [THIS TWEET], FAVORITE [THIS TWEET] , & TWEET both of the following for chances to enter:
    “I am entering the #BSB500k Giveaway for the 1st Prize!” AND “I am entering the #BSB500k Giveaway for the 2nd Prize!”
  • Winner will be chosen at random.
  • We will DM the winners after the giveaway is over. You will be given 48hours to reply before another random person is chosen.

Want to know what is what? Where to get it? Look no further! This is a HUGE thanks to everyone who donated their crafts and talents, PLEASE go check out their shops and sites! Sorry this isn’t in order.


1st Prize

  • Replica AGOS John Watson scarf by GirrlockHolmes 

  • The Wounded Warrior Project Print is of Murray saving Watson and is a numbered and signed print that was made exclusively for The Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Charity Ball during BSI Weekend 2013.
  • 1918 Copy of His Last Bow. It has a bit of wear and tear.
  • Baker Street Babes Tea by Cara McGee from Adagio Teas.
  • Baker Street Babes Deerstalker Button [x]
  • Army Doctor nail varnish by A Study In Polish.
  • Norwegian Explorers Of Minnesota Christmas Annual
  • The Perils of Sherlock Holmes by Loren D. Estleman
  • Sherlock badge from mystradedoodles
  • Badge from Ursula And Olive
  • Sherlock & John keychain from mystradedoodles
  • Custom commission by Riley Stark
  • The Great Mouse Detective DVD (US)
  • Sherlock Holmes & The Secret Weapon DVD (US)
  • An Evening With Sherlock Holmes Boxset DVD (US)
  • Sherlock poster
  • Sherlock & John mini dolls by LittlePocketDolls
  • The World Of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine from 1977 in protective plastic sleeve
  • I Believe In Sherlock Holmes wristband by frostirons
  • Two Basil Rathbone Adventure of Sherlock Holmes posters
  • 221b Necklace by ClassicallyRomantic
  • Moriarty: Hound of the D’Urbevilles, donated by The Well Read Sherlockian


2nd Prize

  • A Game of Shadows poster
  • I Love Deerstalkers Baker Street Babes  mug [x]
  • Baker Street Babes button [x]
  • I Am SHERlocked t-shirt by FeerieDoll
  • Anatomy Of Two Murders by Murray Shaw
  • Baker Street Babes, Won’t You 221 Be Mine poster by sketchlock
  • Mycroft keychain by mystradedoodles
  • Lestrade button by mystradedoodles
  • Sherlock & John bookmark by mystradedoodles
  • The Woman mini 221b is by lapinPetite
  • The Woman In Green DVD (US)
  • Peter Cushing’s Sherlock Holmes DVD (US)
  • In The Shadow Of Sherlock Holmes by Leslie Klinger
  • The Serpentine Muse from The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes
  • I Believe In Sherlock Holmes wristband by frostirons
  • Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Weapon poster
  • The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes donated by The Well Read Sherlockian
  • Baker Street Babes Holmes & Watson By The Fire poster by ghostbees

9 Responses to “Baker Street Babes 500k Listen Giveaway: Twitter Edition”

  1. CPT Mary Ann Tackett says:

    One of my coping mechanisms while on deployments has been all things Sherlock Holmes. I am now a wounded warrior in the wounded warrior program and was MEDEVAC back to the USA just recently. I found your website and podcasts by accident while searching for a Sherlock Holmes society to join. I am currently stationed at Fort Knox, Ky while undergoing treatment. I am excited to find you and even more excited to see your support for our program as soldiers. We have so few coping mechanisms when times are tough, especially while overseas. And thanks to iTunes your podcasts have been a wonderful way to escape!
    Thank you. I am glad I found you.

  2. CPT Mary Ann Tackett says:

    “I am entering the #BSB500k Giveaway for the 1st Prize!” AND “I am entering the #BSB500k Giveaway for the 2nd Prize.

  3. Laurel Blagg says:

    Wow thanks guys we all really appreciate you doing this!

  4. Madhu says:

    Is this Giveaway only for those in your Country or for International followers as well? please clarify.

  5. Matt Laffey says:

    Wow seriously? One person wins all those prizes at once?! This is 500K x awesome!!

  6. COJeannie says:

    You BET I’m entering via both Twitter and Facebook. You have added spice and laughter to my life, not to mention a sense of the depth of Sherlockian studies.

  7. Hey guys!
    Of course, I participate. Love you <3

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