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Best Podcaster Nominations For The Shorty Awards!


For the first time ever, we’re going for an award, The Shorty Awards to be exact!

For the past two years Sherlockology have won the fansite category, and after partying with them last year, we hatched the idea to try and get as many Sherlock Holmes based winners as possible. Plus it’d be kinda nice to win an award to be honest…

But we need your help!

If you’re on twitter, please go to and finish the tweet provided, hit the TWEET YOUR NOMINATION button, and go through the steps (ie just allow The Shorty Awards to install a twitter widget- we promise there’s nothing nefarious about it, it’s just so they can validate nominations)

We’re currently in the top three, but we need to be #1!

Please please please help us. We love what we do and in May we’ll be turning 3-years-old. It’ll literally just take less than five minutes of your time and it would mean the world to us! Our thanks usually comes just from you all being followers, coming to our events, participating in our giveaways, & listening to the podcast- but part of us would just really love to hold an award and be like,damn, this is awesome.

Please note you can only vote once per twitter account and it has to be a pre-existing twitter account (ie you can’t make a bunch of new ones to vote, they won’t count).

We love you all and hope you’ll support us as we reach for Best Podcaster!

Nominate Baker St Babes for a social media award in the Shorty Awards! Nominate Baker St Babes for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

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