Fandom Fav: Sherlockian Greeting Cards

Curly Fandom Fav: Multiverse Sherlockian Greeting Cards!

Tumblr user tumblebuggie created these fantastic Sherlockian Greeting cards with multiple inset choices! I love these not only because you can choose from our adaptation of choice, but the art is fantastically fun.

You can buy these and other designs (INCLUDING a Great Mouse Detective one!!) at her etsy shop [HERE]

click here to see updates of other versions*


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I found this shindig after I realized I enjoyed chatting about Sherlock Holmes with people I liked. So other than doing the podcast, I’m an ardent traveller and have been to twenty-eight countries and have no plans to stop.  I’m a vegan, a hipster,  an author, a dreamer, and have crazy curly ginger hair.  You can find out all you’d like to know about me at my website or follow me on twitter @CurlyFourEyes.

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