His Last Vow Spoiler Free Teasers


I’m currently sitting in the BAFTA Q&A. My hands haven’t stopped shaking.  This episode is thrilling.  It’s so clever.  My jaw actually dropped at least four times.  I gaped at the screen.  Holy fucking shit.

This episode is dark.  It’s thrilling.  Your heart will race and it will keep surprising you. I felt like I was having a heart attack the entire time.  I’ve never been so glued to an episode.  I swear.

There’s so much I’m not allowed to say,  but I’ll try to tease without being thrown in the BBC basement.

– Wiggins
– Marijuana
– Pressure points
– Redbeard
– Molly is so important. So fucking important.
– Lick your face.
– Mike
– I don’t understand.
– I still don’t understand.
– “He can snap you in half and right now. I’m afraid he might.”
– It’s a dummy.
– “It doesn’t mean I’m not happy to see you.”
– Clever clever Mary.
– Pent up aggression,  much? BAMF John.
– Look into Holmesian past.
– Pet names.

I now have wine.  I can’t stop smiling.  I think my hands have stopped shaking.  I think.

12 Responses to “His Last Vow Spoiler Free Teasers”

  1. Marjorie of Connecticut says:

    So does anyone know why he’s Magnuson and not Milverton? Just wondering!

  2. Anonymous of California says:

    I keep having the sneaking suspicion that mary might be a villain. Clever clever Mary, what is that supposed to mean?

  3. Rose says:

    I want to see Molly’s role in all the mess. Lately we have seen a lot of her and not just as the pathologist but as the only one who actually sees and observes Sherlock. And now you say she’s important…. I only hope CAM is not able to see what Moriarty didn’t and I hope we get some Sherlolly. <3

  4. I hope this one will full of extraordinary cases, actions, deductions, murders and mystery rather than feels! cause thats what im looking for in the show! yay!

  5. Ciciyang says:

    You have burned my heart out of me .

  6. Lizabeth S. Tucker says:

    Whoa. Although to be honest, all you really had to say to get my heart racing was BAMF!John. My only hope/prayer/wish is that Mary continues as part of this wonderful partnership. Cannot wait to see it on Sunday.

  7. Kathelene says:

    Wow. I am literally so terrified of the cliffhanger. Just hoping this episode is heavy with some Johnlock before the hiatus.

  8. Romina says:

    Johnlock forever

  9. jonathan says:

    I’ve read other reviews and spoilers, and i don’t know how to feel. I’m Glad Molly has some screen time and its not sherlolly. well not romantically or sexually anyway I like her being sherlock’s friend, shes a good one for him.

    Mary. Well I don’t hate her. Not at all. But I think its not inaccurate to say that she hasn’t been messing things up. And I really don’t like that. So I’m hoping her arc will be over sooner rather than later to be honest.

    all the stuff i’ve come into contact with does make me worried about sherlock and John. if anything TSOT showed us that there is something for them to go after with each other. And I’d like to see that play out more than anything.

  10. Huma says:

    Oh god, I felt every day in that 2 year wait and now I am nothing more than terrified to the finale

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