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IndieGoGo Campaign lunched! Help us get new tech for the podcast!



We’ve launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money for new microphones for the girls, as well as portable microphones for on-the-scene and live podcasting. We’re offering a ton of perks including tickets to SherlockeDCC, our Charity Ball in January, limited edition shirts, posters, and a chance to have your own episode with us! We’d so appreciate it if you all could  share this campaign and contribute if you can. We want to bring the best quality podcasts and features to you, and with this new tech, we know we can!

You can find the campaign at IndieGoGo where you can contribute and share it online. We’re offering limited edition t-shirts, totes, posters, as well as special tickets to our charity ball and SherlockeDCC as perks.

For a bit more information, this is what we’re working towards getting:

There are two types of microphones we want to get for the members. The YETI microphone from Blue for each member and a handheld portable recorder called the ZOOM H2N.

Each YETI Blue microphone costs $149. Curly already has one, so we just need ten more to fit out the entire BSB team. So that’s $1490.

Each ZOOM H2N recorder with the accessory pack is $160. Five of those will cost $800.

These two costs together equal $2290. The rest of the money will be used to ship out perks all over the world, as well as produce the perks that we don’t already have in our possession.

We appreciate any help, thank you so much!

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