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New book on the world of Sherlock Holmes out in German



Here is something for the German and German speaking Sherlock Holmes fans:

BSB Maria has written an introduction to the world of Sherlock Holmes in German. The contents of the book cover the early writing career of Arthur Conan Doyle and his various sources and inspirations for the characters of the Canon. A detailed introduction into Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, as well as other major characters like Mrs. Hudson, the Baker Street Irregulars as well as the greatest enemies and adversaries are covered in more detail.

The sixty Canon stories are introduced shortly, followed by an analysis of Doyle’s genius move to have Watson narrate the stories while simultaneously standing in for the reader, asking the same questions that we have.

The final part of the book covers the London of Sherlock Holmes, the interpretation of the Sherlock Holmes stories in pastiches, plays, movies and television series as well as audio books and audio plays. It also covers the fandom and the question of why Sherlock Holmes is considered to be a historical person rather than a literary character.

The book is out today and available from amazon Germany, amazon UK and Buchhaus in Switzerland.


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