Episode 62: Parodying Sherlock with Vidar Magnussen

[LISTEN] | [DOWNLOAD] (Save Link As) | [iTUNES] | —————————————— What is the essence of a unibrow? How do you make a comedic hit? You get a director who doesn’t understand English, a comedian who looks like Martin Freeman, and Vidar Magnussen who writes three minutes of utter nonsense. That’s BBBC’s Sherlock by NRK, and… Read More »

Episode 61: Adam Christopher & Elementary

[LISTEN] | [DOWNLOAD] (Save Link As) | [iTUNES] | —————————————— Welcome to the Baker Street Babes Podcast, Episode #61! Join Babes Liz and Lyndsay as they interview Adam Christopher, the author of a new series of Elementary show tie-in novels.  A longtime lover of New York and a passionate fan of Elementary, Adam is also… Read More »

Episode 60: Mrs. Hudson Appreciation

[LISTEN] | [DOWNLOAD] (Save Link As) | [iTUNES] | —————————————— Ah, the ever patient housekeeper of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Mrs. Hudson has had to deal with these two for many years and its’s about time she as appreciate for the superhero she was! From the original canonical Mrs. Hudson to Una… Read More »

Episode 59: BSI Weekend 2015

[LISTEN] | [DOWNLOAD] (Save Link As) | [iTUNES] | —————————————— Every year in the cold depths of January, Sherlockians descend on Manhattan for Sherlock Holmes’ birthday. This madness is referred to as BSI Weekend and is a series of dinners, galas, balls, and lots of alcohol. BSB Ashley, Kristina, and Maria talk you through this years festivities… Read More »

BSB Live & Local 1: Les Klinger & Laurie R King

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] Welcome once again to Baker Street Babes Live and Local, this time coming to you from Bouchercon 2014 in Long Beach, California! You’re heard the story: Laurie King and Leslie Klinger wanted to create another Sherlockian short story collection featuring some of the most popular fiction writers anywhere: and… Read More »

We’re On IHOSE’s Episode 70: Sherlockian Jeopardy

The BSB did a wonderful podcast with IHOSE!  If you don’t know of these lovely gents already, Scott and Burt are the hosts of the first ever Sherlockian podcast, I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere, and they are awesome—great people, much love, wonderful stories. We played Jeopardy in the Sherlockian manner and it was so much… Read More »

Episode 58: Curtis Armstrong

[LISTEN] | [DOWNLOAD] (Save Link As) | [iTUNES] | —————————————— You may know him as Booger or Metatron, but we know Curtis Armstrong as a Sherlockian. Curly and Lyndsay sit down with the actor, writer, producer, and avid book collector to talk about Holmes, Watson, and that time Curtis pretended to play the violin to impress a girl…. Read More »

Special #13: From House To Psych

[LISTEN] | [DOWNLOAD] (Save Link As) | [iTUNES] | —————————————— This is a recording of the From House to Psych panel at 221BCon 2014. Panelists Lindsay D. Colwell (@overeducatedgrl), Deirdre (patrick-jane.tumblr.com, @pensive1), Mixie (m6i.tumblr.com) and our very own Amy Thomas discuss TV shows that use characters who are (more or less) based on Sherlock Holmes. They cover such diverse shows as… Read More »

Episode 57: Sherlock Series 4 Predictions

[LISTEN] | [DOWNLOAD] (Save Link As) | [iTUNES] | [TRANSCRIPT] —————————————— Sherlock Series 4 is coming and we have lots of theories, thoughts, and one hell of a wishlist. From basting turkeys at Christmas to John Watson dying in Sherlock Holmes’ arms, our predictions for Series 4 will be, as Moffat says, “devastating.” Join BSBs Curly, Lyndsay,… Read More »

Special #12: Emma Grant

[LISTEN] | [DOWNLOAD] (Save Link As) —————————————— A new live episode! We would like to thank our amazing fans for being a part of the podcast and quiz, and our special guest, emmagrant01, for being a brilliant addition to our live podcast episodes. Join Babes Liz and Lyndsay and our fabulous audience as we discuss with Emma… Read More »