Episode 71: Bert Coules

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] Live from BSI Weekend! BSBs Curly, Lyndsay, and Maria got to sit down and chat with Bert Coules, head writer and creator of the BBC Sherlock Holmes radio series starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams. This radio adaptation of the canon was the first to present all 60 stories… Read More »

Episode 70: The Abominable Bride

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] !!!THIS PODCAST AND FOLLOWING POSTING CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! If you have not seen the Sherlock special The Abominable Bride, do not read or listen because there is no saving you from all the spoilers. This is your final warning! We mean it! The Abominable Bride is here and she’s taking… Read More »

BSB Live & Local 4: No Place Like Holmes

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] BSBs Ardy and Maria sit down with Ross K Foad, creator and star of the web series No Place Like Holmes. No Place Like Holmes was founded by Ross K Foad in 2009 and hosts a multitude of video goodness for Sherlock Holmes fans in the form of its episodic Web… Read More »

Episode 69: Ken Ludwig & Baskerville

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] BSBs Lyndsay and Ashley chat on the phone with legendary playwright Ken Ludwig about the hilariously ridiculous and exhilarating Baskerville, currently playing in Philadelphia at the Suzanne Roberts Theater. From how the show came to be to magnetic flowers shooting down from the ceiling to why having a younger Holmes… Read More »

Episode 68: Unaired Sherlock Pilot Reaction

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] By popular request we are doing reaction episodes for the first series of BBC’s Sherlock! But we couldn’t just jump in with “A Study In Pink.” Oh no. We have to take a step back and look at the un-aired pilot. From skin tight jeans to leather jackets, Batman,… Read More »

BSB Live & Local 3: Bonnie MacBird and Art in the Blood

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] Our third Live & Local comes to you from Baker Street! Babe Ardy chats to Bonnie MacBird, author of pastiche Art in the Blood, about Holmes, art, and writing pastiche. Bonnie also talks about “coming out” as a Sherlockian, cool things she found out while researching the Victorian period, and,… Read More »

Episode 67: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] What happens when a 7’2″ NBA All-Star with a passion for history and his professional screenwriter partner-in-crime team up to write an early biography of Sherlock’s eccentric and beloved elder brother? The result is Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse, an authorial dynamic duo who looked at… Read More »

Episode 66: Mr. Holmes Reaction Episode

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] Mr. Holmes, starring Sir Ian McKellen and based on the book A Slight Trick of the Mind by Mitch Cullen, has been a subject of tremendous excitement in the Sherlockian world ever since the news of its early planning!  In Episode 66, join Babes Sarah, Amy, Melinda, Taylor, and Lyndsay… Read More »

Episode 65: Sherlock Prom

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] In our 65th episode Amy, Ashley and Maria are joined by the initiator and director of the Sherlock Prom, Matthew Sweet. The currently sold out Sherlock Prom will be held on August 16 in London’s Royal Albert Hall – but fear not, 1000 standing tickets will be available on… Read More »

Episode 64: The Lost William Gillette Film

——————————————————— [DOWNLOAD] | [LISTEN] | [iTUNES] The lost William Gillette film: the stuff of legend for over a hundred years, it was found at the bottom of a box labeled “Sherlock Holmes” by an archivist at Cinematheque Francaise, “one of the holy grails of lost films” preserved in a nitrate duplicate negative.  The Sherlockian world exploded with… Read More »