Episode 57: Sherlock Series 4 Predictions



Ep57Sherlock Series 4 is coming and we have lots of theories, thoughts, and one hell of a wishlist. From basting turkeys at Christmas to John Watson dying in Sherlock Holmes’ arms, our predictions for Series 4 will be, as Moffat says, “devastating.”

Join BSBs Curly, Lyndsay, Ashley, Maria, & Ardy for theories abound, a discussion on what’s going to happen to Mary (& the baby), and how The Three Garridebs really needs to be the finale. Like… really.

Our Series 4 Predictions & Wishlist

Christmas Special: The Blue Carbuncle & The Cardboard Box

Episode One: The Devil’s Foot with sprinklings of The Musgrave Ritual

Episode Two: The Illustrious Client

Episode Three: The Valley of Fear & The Three Garridebs

Music: Opening Credits, Sherlock Series 1 OST by Michael Price and David G. Arnold, Vanishing Underground, Sherlock Series 3 OST by Michael Price and David G. Arnold

4 Responses to “Episode 57: Sherlock Series 4 Predictions”

  1. LittlePippin76 says:

    My slight concern is that the BBC team will feel that they’ve already done both The Devil’s Foot and the important bit in Garridebs.

    With Devil’s foot, we haven’t had the darkness of the sibling killings, but we have had the hallucinogenic, airborne chemical causing a trippy, frightening mind-fuck. We’ve tentatively had John trying to talk Sherlock down from that, and we’ve had Sherlock experimenting with the drug on John. We haven’t had the moment of clarity in Sherlock realising that his methods weren’t ideal then, but it’s possible that the guys have read that story and found a different interpretation of it. In the similar way that they twisted ‘You’re a natural burglar’ to ‘You’re really not good at this.’

    The Garridebs moment might be more tenuous, but I think it’s to do with the camera angle when Sherlock pulls John from the bonfire in Hearse. That line about the look on Sherlock’s face causing John to realise that actually, when it comes down to it, Sherlock does love him. That one moment when you’re seeing from John’s perspective and Sherlock is there, desperately concerned (and then in the next shot right next to the women he intends to marry…). I don’t know, and I almost hope that I’m wrong, but I think when they shot that moment of ‘OK, he loves me, now I can forgive him…’ they were thinking of that Garridebs moment.

    • Kristina says:

      Mmmm, you make good points. I sincerely hope that the bonfire moment wasn’t their 3GAR moment. I had the same thoughts when it first aired, but I can’t imagine the Beeb would lose the chance to shoot John Watson. That’s good drama, right there!

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  3. Amanda says:

    First of all: Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing with this podcast! I’ve got no one in my life to fangirl with but listening to you guys brings me so much joy because I know I’m not alone in my love for Sherlock.

    Unfortunately I’m still not through reading the original ACD canon, so I can’t really name stories I would like to see, but here are some general things I want to see in series 4:

    – Sebastian Moran
    – no one dying, not Mary, not the Baby, not Molly, not anyone!
    – Sherlock showing of his personal combat skills (just a nice little scene like the awesome little action scene in A Scandal in Belgravia)
    – no evil Mary/ Mary working for Moriarty (if she was evil would she really go as far as to get pregnant with John’s baby? please noooo)
    – more Sherlock and Mycroft backstory (the third brother, relationship, etc)
    – a lot of interaction with Molly, Lestrade, Anderson and especially Sally (I really missed her in the last series)

    That’s it for me :)

    Again, thank you so fucking much for doing such an awesome podcast and for being so much fun to listen to! All the best from Germany!

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