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As Seen In BBC’s Sherlock: Ali Miller Home Sweet Home Tea Set Review

tumblr_ojhnp8OLu41tolnseo2_400You may have seen them partially submerged in the murky deep waters of the Sherlock series 4 promo, used during the impromptu tea party of Moriarty and Holmes, or maybe you saw one tumbling from the hands of Mrs. Not-Your-Housekeeper-Hudson, only to be caught at the last moment by one frazzled detective.

I am, of course, talking about the lovely and iconic tea sets by Ali Miller. Called the Holmes Sweet Holmes…oh sorry, the Home Sweet Home set, the collection of tea ware features a hand applied motif of the U.K and Irish maps dotted with charming seafaring ships on the outside, a regal crown on the inside of the cups, and a 24 carat gold flourish on the rim, handle and bottom half of the cup. They’re just the right balance of a contemporary and modernist style with a flourish of classic design which is what likely made them the perfect candidate to be used during the series.

They’re also just so darn pretty.


When our 4-cup tea pot and delicate teacup came in, we were very impressed with the packaging. Everything was individually wrapped and tucked into boxes bearing the Ali Miller icon in gold. In person, the tea set was even more charming. I was quick to put it all to use and make myself a cuppa. A few people have mentioned to us before that they were a bit afraid to use them because of not wanting to break or damage their tea ware, but I can assure you it is all made of the highest quality bone china and quite sturdy, though it is advised that they all be hand washed rather than tossed into the dishwasher to protect the integrity of the design.

Whether you’re using them to host the Napoleon of Crime or for a simple cuppa in your favorite armchair (or snuggled in bed with you laptop, let’s be real here), this beautiful set is sure to please.

The tea set is available for £206, however it’s currently on offer for £190. The set includes a tea cup, saucer, cake plate and 4 cup tea pot. You can also purchase just the cup and saucer for £36.


For more information on the tea set  and to order your own follow the link here.

For the tea cup and saucer only go here.

A massive thank you to Ali Miller for providing us with a sample set to review! It’s delightful!

Sora is a London based graphic design artist for The Baker Street Babes. She’s also a traveler with The Nerdventurists, travel with a nerdy twist.

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