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The Revenge Of Sherlock Holmes at Hoxton Hall + Minicast!

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The Revenge Of Sherlock Holmes

Performed at Hoxton Hall, London.

Jenn and I went to see The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes at Hoxton Hall a couple of days ago. The posters promised “a Music Hall musical of elementary magnificence” with “more Victoriana than even Prince Albert could handle”. Intrigued, but not sure what to expect, we trotted along just past Liverpool Street and weren’t disappointed. A Holmes that reminded me of Jonny Lee Miller in his mannerisms and general attitude; a Watson who wore the loudest suit that I’ve ever seen on a stage and a moustache that meant business, and some fantastic ladies—foremost of all Bella, whose cunning and wit is a fair match for Sherlock Holmes, but also a brilliant Mrs Hudson.

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Put all that together with singing and dancing (watch out for the Baker Street Irregulars and a lovely number about why London is the best place ever), puppetry, and the occasional magic trick, and you have a brilliant night out. The venue, Hoxton Hall, is one of three existing music halls in London, and really adds to the experience. It’s unusual to see this kind of theatre on a stage these days, and maybe that’s why it felt simultaneously fresh and nostalgic to me.

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We interviewed the producers for Episode 40 [LISTEN], and interviewed some of the cast after the show [LISTEN]¦[DOWNLOAD]. If you’re in or near London, go grab your tickets on Eventbrite before the final performance on May 10!

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