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Stay Dry With Lovarzi’s New Sherlock Brollies


Lovarzi has once again teamed up with the BBC to bring more Sherlockian goodies, this time in the form of some stylish umbrellas and (at last!) a Moriarty themed scarf. The umbrellas come in two styles, long handled with a “Sherlock’s London” motif and a compact version which features icons from the show and holds a very forensic style.

The long handled one is very Mycroftian with an elegant silhouette. The umbrella is sturdily built and it has a weight to it that is perfect for knocking out the odd criminal.  Because rain and overcast is London’s default weather, I had the opportunity to test them out. While it was pouring down, there was also the added bonus of some powerful gusts of wind, which left me a bit wary as I’ve lost one too many brollies to a fierce wind turning it inside out. But there was no such problem with this one. It’s got a large span which is ideal for keeping your bags dry or for sharing with another person.

The smaller umbrellas come in two colours, light grey and dark grey, and stylistically speaking, these were my favourites. They’re light and compact but hardily built (a bit like John), and when faced with torrential rain they held up just as well as the long handled umbrella. With a push of a button they snap open, and pushing the button again closes it down, requiring only a small tug to close it up. They each come with a small sleeve which features the popular “I am Sherlocked”  text.  These ones are quite ideal for those who want a stylish umbrella that can fit comfortably in their bag.


To further test these wonderful brollies, I dropped by 221B and had Sherlock and John give them a whirl… and then proceeded to follow them around London.


Lastly we have the scarf. Did you miss him? This Moriarty scarf is a fantastic addition to their already existing line, and I’m absolutely in love with the design. It has iconic wallpaper of 221B but incorporated with skulls, one side is a deep purple while the other is a complimentary cold teal. 100% pure silk it is elegant and gorgeously made, the ends featuring the bright yellow smiley face. Now, because it is silk, this is not a scarf to keep the winter chill away, rather it’s something that would put a stylish finish on any outfit.


The umbrella’s all retail for £26.99 while the scarf goes for £29.99, and all can be found here. For more fandom related goodness, check out their site   Remember that Lovarzi offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% happy, no questions asked.

They are officially-licensed and Lovarzi is a small company. All of their products are of top quality, you won’t be disappointed.

You can purchase them at Lovarzi’s website and look at the rest of their Sherlock collection [HERE].

Thank you so much to Lovarzi for sending us these for review, everything was absolutely lovely!

And special thanks to our wonderful cosplayers!

Sora is a London based graphic design artist for The Baker Street Babes. She’s also a traveler with The Nerdventurists, travel with a nerdy twist.

You can follow her on twitter @MDSora.

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