Sherlock Soundtrack Giveaway!

In thanks to all of you who follow us & in honor of reaching two rather big numbers, we’re giving away a signed pair of the Sherlock Original Soundtrack! They are both signed by composers Michael Price and David Arnold (originally these were for the raffle at SherlockeDCC, but we couldn’t get them to San Diego in time, so they’ve just kinda been chilling, waiting to be loved).

To enter, fill in the form at by December 7th!

2 Responses to “Sherlock Soundtrack Giveaway!”

  1. Would love to win the Cd :-)

  2. The Sherlock soundtrack is quite possibly one of my favourite soundtracks out of all of the tv shows and movies I like. I’m a big fan, it would be awesome to win! ^_^ Congratulations to anyone who does.

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