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Spoiler Free Teasers For The Sign Of Three


We just finished The Sign Of Three and oh… my… god. I don’t think I ever stopped smiling… except when I was clawing at my face and curling in on myself. It’s a delightful episode from start to finish. It’s both utterly heartwarming and heart-wrenching.  Incredibly heart-wrenching. Oh my god, my heart.

The case is nice and succinct and clever, and it adds to what the main theme is: Sherlock & John and what they have and will continued to mean to one another.

This episode was written by all three main Sherlock writers., though I think that Steve Thompson has the pen for the majority of it. Colm McCarthy is the director this go around, and while I liked the jerky hecticness of The Empty Hearse, because it lent itself to what was going on, I have to say I prefer McCarthy’s directing style. It matches the emotions that are happening and it’s just so… lovely.

I want to tell you all about it, but I can’t, so here’s some bullet points, because I don’t trust myself beyond that. This is so very out of order.

  • There’s quite a bit of Lestrade in this episode
  • Donovan!
  • There’s also a lot of Molly and she has the best lines
  • Mycroft showing up in unexpected places
  • Sherlock & YouTube
  • The hair ruffle returns!
  • The Stag Night may be my favorite cluster of scenes of all time. It is amazing. I was almost crying with laughter. The gifs. THE GIFS that will come out of this.
  • Deaded
  • Vatican Cameos
  • Sherlock… oh Sherlock… oh my poor baby
  • The military is involved & we see John’s credentials
  • Archie!!
  • He will make you laugh, clutch your face in horror, and cry.
  • Tom is adorable.
  • Mary is so very clever.
  • Dancing. Dancing.
  • The Vow
  • We’re all going to die in His Last Vow. Die. Die a horrible death.

The Sign Of Three comes out this Sunday on BBC One at 8:30PM. Prepare to be utterly delighted.

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