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The Clue Is In The Titles: Getting Re-Scandalized By Belgravia

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If you’ve been following along in the twitter-sphere, you’ll know that BBC One is planting the title to Sherlock Series 3, Episode 3 in the re-run of Series 2 this month. Thought put off a week due to Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, UK audiences were treated to the devilishly delicious & cunning Irene Adler in the re-airing of A Scandal In Belgravia this evening. The first clue was told to be released fifteen minutes in and two more followed throughout the episode.

As you can see on the left, the clues weren’t necessarily hard to find. With the clue for the third episode being Bow, the appearance of HIS has seemed to cement many a viewer’s brain in that the finale will be His Last Bow. While the last stories of Sherlock Holmes’ career, everyone involved in the show has said they want to keep going, and more than enough hints & bombs have been dropped to say more is on the way. I don’t think we have to worry about Sherlock leaving our screens for good. That being said, who is to say, regardless of the clues, that the name will be His Last Bow? Maybe HIS stands for He Is Sexy? Or It’s going to be His Last Bootycall [x]. Maybe, as twitter user @FridaFrag suggested, it’s His First Bow [x].

It’ll be the repeat of The Hounds Of Baskerville next week that’ll be more telling… that is, this could all very well be a giant anagram… because that’s how the Sherlock producers roll.

My personal theory? I want Series 3 to end with Garridebs. As twitter user @timgreer7 suggested, HIS could be His Last Blog [x].

Come on, think of it… John gets shot. Fade to black. End Series 3 with a bang.


In the meantime, revisit A Scandal In Belgravia Baker Street Babe style!

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