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The One Fixed Point In A Changing Age: Submissions Due March 1st!

Submissions due March 1st!

Submissions due March 1st!

The One Fixed Point In A Changing Age: Essays on Sherlockiana By Online Fandom is, not surprisingly, a collection of essays written exclusively by members of the tumblr and internet fandom of Sherlock Holmes. These essays will be compiled into a book and will be published, giving a voice and the beginnings of a body of work for the younger generation of Holmes fans. The idea was conceived by The Baker Street Babes and it will be published by Wessex Press.


There is a massive amount of talent in the tumblr Sherlockian universe and we have seen and read some amazing essays and debates about not only the show, but the canon and beyond. In discussions with some more established Holmesians, it was said that there was no concrete “body of work” for our generation of Holmes fans, despite that it is all online. We toyed with the idea of just making a giant pdf, but instead  we had an idea of making a collection of essays into a book. It would be on any and everything Sherlock Holmes and the contributions would come specifically from the new fandom. We think this would be really good to prove that we are more than just “silly fans”, and that we can be just as scholarly as the big boys. It would be fantastic to showcase some of the amazing things we’ve already read, but also invite others who would like to submit their own essays and articles.


So this is YOUR invitation! Have an essay sitting on your hard drive you want to dust off? Had an idea for ages but couldn’t get the gumption to start writing? Want to be published? Well here’s your chance!


All rules for submissions are [HERE]

Our FAQ is [HERE]


Please read carefully and happy Sherlocking!


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