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Baker Street Babes 500,000 Listens Giveaway!


Yeah. 500,000 listens to our podcast episodes. I think I had a hernia when I saw those numbers. Plus 15,000 of you on here on tumblr, 10,000 on twitter, and 2,000 on Facebook (that’s a little embarrassing in comparison actually…)

So in order to celebrate stupid numbers, we’re hosting a mega giveaway! There will be THREE giveaways running simultaneously. One for tumblr, one for twitter, and one for Facebook. You’ll be able to enter all three if you have accounts. This is for all of you who make running The Baker Street Babes so much fun. Thank you for your support, thank you for your love, thank you for your ridiculous gifsets.

Yeah. We love you all. Thanks for loving us back. Xx

This is the masterpost for ALL THREE giveaways, telling you how to enter and letting you know what the prizes are.



Tumblr Giveaway Information

TUMBLR 1st Prize [x]

TUMBLR 2nd Prize [x]

Facebook Giveaway Information

FACEBOOK 1st Prize [x]

FACEBOOK 2nd Prize [x]

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