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Book Review: Queensberry Justice – The Fight Card Sherlock Holmes Omnibus

Queensberry Justice – The Fight Card Sherlock Holmes Omnibus

by Andrew Salmon

andrew salmon fight card

If you are still looking for a last minute Christmas present, here’s is one option: Andrew Salmon has released his three Fight Card – Sherlock Holmes novels in the collection Queensberry Justice. Salmon’s Holmes stories are special because they do not only focus on crime fighting, but also on boxing. The stories are, as most pastiches, embedded in the Canon and the ‘excuse’ for the late publication is the violent nature of these adventures which Watson did not initially publish in order not to unsettle his readership.

Starting off with the first case, Work Capitol, which shows us a more violent side to the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, continuing with Blood to the Bone, in which we meet the exceptional Eby Stokes, the collection’s third story is the most recent novel A Congression of Pallbearers. Queensbury Justice: The Fight Card Sherlock Holmes Omnibus furthermore features a foreword by Paul Bishop, an introduction by Andrew Salmon, three brand new short stories: “A Singular Investigation” (Holmes centric), “Ringcraft” (Stokes centric) and “Shadow Boxing” (Watson centric), additional cover images, an afterword, a glossary of terms concerning bare knuckle boxing, and several essays on the background and context of the stories.

So if you or your loved ones are fans of boxing, of Dr. Watson doing some doctoring, of Holmes being amazing, and of a strong (literally kick-ass) female character, as well as very lovely prose, this collection is for you.

You can get it for kindle on and

A review copy has been kindly provided by the author.

Maria teaches English Literature at Leipzig University, Germany, published a German introduction to Sherlock Holmes and is a fan of all things Holmes – but especially of the Canon stories and Sherlock BBC.  Contact her at

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the book! And thanks for the great review! Much appreciated!

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