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I Hear of The Baker Street Babes Everywhere…

I Hear of The Baker Street Babes Everywhere - The Baker Street Babes in the New York Times -

For those of you who were able to attend our annual charity ball during BSI Weekend, you may have noticed quite a few reporters and cameras floating around. Well, that’s because apparently this was the year everyone wanted a piece of the BSB action. I mean, we can’t *really* blame them, but it is exciting nonetheless!

So here’s a master post of sorts where you can find all the current and upcoming coverage of The Baker Street Babes and our charity ball!

The New York Times [link]

Many thanks to Corey Kilgannon for writing such a wonderful account of the ball, our doings, and the BSI Weekend and Sherlockian society in general. Also like… The New York Times. We’ve been in there before, about Shreffgate and the Free Sherlock lawsuit, but it’s nice to be featured in an article that is so positive and wonderful.

WBAI [link] [show link]

Lyndsay spoke on 99.5 with Corey, Malachy McCourt, John McDonagh about the ball and BSI… and well, Sherlock Holmes in general! You can listen on YouTube above!

Voice of America Голос Америки [link]

Well, now we can add being on Russian telly to our Accidental Bucket List. Voices of America came to cover the ball in detail and interview a number of BSBs and our amazing Ball team. It’s all in Russian… so we’re still not sure what they’re actually saying, but we’re going to go ahead and assume it’s good.


Cake Boss [link]

So yes, we had a Cake Boss cake at the ball. It was AMAZING. And we 100% cannot show you pictures. We have to wait until the episode airs… at some point. We don’t know when that will be. BUT we will tell you an obnoxious amount of times when it does.


Thank you to everyone who has read, shared, and enjoyed the coverage with us!

Kristina Manente is the founder of The Baker Street Babes, as well as a podcaster, reporter, event coordinator, and PR guru for the Babes. Beyond Holmes, she’s a gamer, a traveler, a writer, a radio host, and a Van Winkle style napper.

You can listen to her radio work at, follow her travels at The Nerdventurists, and read her nerdy culture blog at Feel free to stalk her on twitter at @CurlyFourEyes.

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