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S. Moran’s Invisible Tigress Speakeasy At 221B Con

Watch your head…

Saturday evening at 221B Con is about to get a little more dangerous… Sebastian Moran has a secret club, it’s called The Invisible Tigress… and you’re invited.

Come listen to the dulcet tones of Sherlockian music while you battle and draw your way to some nice treasure, all with a drink in hand.

The evening will start out at 7PM with a cocktail meet & greet/Q&A with us, The Baker Street Babes. Pop by the bar just outside the room and come have a chat while Moran’s henchmen set up some tantalizing activities. Any and all questions will be answered. Want to know our favourite species of swallow? Just ask. We’ll even tell you the air speed velocity of it when it’s unladen.

After you’re bored of us, Moran shall unleash his games to test your skills. Lose and… well… he IS a crack shot.

  • Sherlockian Pictionary: Moran has some treasure you’re keen on getting. Win it in a battle of art and wits. Some of your favorite fanartists will be team captains. We’ll have a sign up sheet at the door, so come early to sign up!
  • BOOM Trivia: best watch your head or you’ll lose it! It’s a ticking time bomb to beat the riddle and find the clues. This is a different sort of trivia game as you & your team will have to rifle through dozens of balloons to find the answer. Collect all your balloons and the treasure is yours. Teams of two to four.
  • In the lobby and bar area we will have some board games to play, but please feel free to bring your own as well.

Prizes? Oh yes, prizes!

BOOM Trivia

  • 1st Place – Be on the Baker Street Babes podcast! You’ll get to be on an episode of your choice (within reason), whether it’s just discussing your favourite story, joining us on an interview, or something different all together!
  • 2nd Place – You’ll be in Lyndsay’s next Sherlock Holmes short story for The Strand Magazine! Yes! You! In The Strand Magazine! Your name or you’ll name a character.
  • 3rd Place – You’ll be in Amy’s next Sherlock Holmes pastiche! You’re going to be in a book! Your name or you’ll name a character.

Sherlockian Pictionary

  • The winners of each game of pictionary will get a collection of Sherlockian fan art postcards, buttons, & posters.

We are DELIGHTED to announce that we have asked blackmailed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into attending. Do take your photo with him, he’s such a photo whore.

That’s what’s happening… now to get in… sure, you may know WHERE it is, but how do you enter? There will be a password scattered about the con in the form of some Dancing Men. Find it, decode it, say the password and you’re in ;).

  • Come dressed as Sebastian Moran (any incarnation) and get a little treat.
  • Come dressed in fabulousness. Dresses, lounge wear, cosplay… just be fabulous (even if it’s just that beautiful smile on your face, rawr!)
  • The bar is right outside the room, use it and abuse it! You can BYOB, but it cannot be for mass consumption. It’s yours. It’s preciousssss.
  • HUGE thanks to Wessex Press and of course to the ladies of 221B Con!
  • Stupid sexy poster is by older-and-far-away.

RSVP: You don’t have to RSVP, but this is just helpful to us to know who all will be showing up. The more the merrier! RSVP Here.

Any questions, please ask us!

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