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SAVE THE DATE: The Daintiest Scream On The Moor Charity Ball

  1. The Daintiest Scream on the Moor Charity Ball - The Baker Street Babes -

Brace yourselves dear friends… for it is time… once again… to be dainty as hell. Our charity ball will return to The Baker Street Irregulars Weekend in 2018 with a rather spooky theme. Save the date to join us for some fundraising and shenanigans on the moor.

Location is to be announced, but the latest regeneration of our charity ball will be on Thursday, January 11th.

Last year at BSI Weekend we raised $5,000 and 100% of proceeds from the ball benefited the Disabled American Veterans Trust,  That brought our five year total to an amazing $31,000 raised for disabled and wounded veterans.

If you have any Sherlockian memorabilia, arts, crafts, book…. or literally anything… that you’d like to donate to our auction, please email We are always looking for wonderful things for our goodie bags and raffles as well, so please feel free to approach us with whatever you may have! It ALL goes to wounded veterans.

All contributions need to be with us by Christmas, due to the craziness of the postal service at the holiday season. If you have any questions, you can also direct them to Lyndsay.

Kristina Manente is the founder of The Baker Street Babes, as well as a podcaster, reporter, event coordinator, and PR guru for the Babes. Beyond Holmes, she’s a gamer, a traveler, a writer, a radio host, and a Van Winkle style napper.

You can listen to her radio work at, follow her travels at The Nerdventurists, and read her nerdy culture blog at Feel free to stalk her on twitter at @CurlyFourEyes.

3 Responses to “SAVE THE DATE: The Daintiest Scream On The Moor Charity Ball”

  1. A SPOOKY theme? Well, then, I’m in. Keep me posted as to the final location and where I should send monies to. I’m interested in seeing what my Gillette portrait brings. What is the current bidding up to? I have some BSLA color cards for your packets. How many do you need and where should I send them?

  2. Steve Mason says:

    Hi Babes… when do you think you will open registration for the Thursday night… don’t want to miss it…

  3. Who and where do I send monies to for your January Ball? Or do I pay at the door?

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