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Interview by Being Geek Chic – Lady Geeks of the Week: The Baker Street Babes, Part 1

We were interviewed by Being Geek Chic to be Lady Geeks of the Week!!! This part one of two, so have a read, visit the fab site, and learn more about us BSBs!

The Baker Street Babes are our Lady Geeks of the Week! The Babes are a group of Sherlock Holmes fans who produce a witty, charming, and highly successful podcastin which they discuss “everything from canon to Cumberbatch, Charles Augustus Milverton to Jude Law, and dancing men to Jeremy Brett.”

Being Geek Chic was chuffed to be able to interview a few of the Babes. This week, we’re featuring Amy, Ardy, and Lyndsay. Next week, we’ll treat you to a few more! Can’t wait another week for more Babes? Follow on Twitter @BakerStBabes.

Read on!

Q: What has led you to your passion?

Amy: My passion for all things Sherlock Holmes was kindled in 2010 when I re-read the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle after the BBC “Sherlock” series came out. I developed a passion for all things Holmesian and wrote my own novel about Holmes and Irene Adler, The Detective and The Woman, which was published by MX Publishing earlier this year.

Ardy: Depends which passion we’re talking. My first passion was reading, and that kicked off everything else, so my answer to this would have to be: the local public library in the town where I grew up. I read widely and indiscriminately when I was a kid, and somewhere in there were Lord of the Rings and the Sherlock Holmes stories, and the rest was history. I also owe a lot to my sixth-form English teacher, who kind of crystallized that passion for reading, and for stories. And, of course, I owe the fact that I’m on the Baker Street Babes to my friend Kristina Manente, who is awesome.

Lyndsay: When I read the Sherlock Holmes mysteries as a kid, I had no idea that massively fangirling over them would quite literally lead to my professional career. I read them so obsessively that I absorbed a lot of Doyle’s style, and my first published novel was a Sherlock Holmes pastiche called Dust and Shadow. Since then, I’ve been a novelist and short story writer and Sherlock Holmes commentator at large, and it’s all thanks to my childhood geek niche.  Geeks, be aware: you can really rock this geek thing, and make it work for you. Own your inner geek. All we Babes have found each other through this very specific passion, and it has led to some truly amazing opportunities and friendships.


You can read the rest at Being Geek Chic.

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