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Episode 78: The Lying Detective

(Please note that the episode contains extensive spoilers for The Lying Detective.)


Join Sora, Sarah, Amy, Lyndsay, and Maria for an emotional reaction and discussion of the second episode of Series Four of BBC’s Sherlock. ‘The Lying Detective’ has Sherlock estranged from Dr. John Watson and obsessed over media personality, businessman, and philanthropist Culverton Smith. There’s mystery! Killings! Drugs! Lots of anger, lots of emotion, and lots of twists. It’s an episode people will be talking about for awhile.

As with its predecessor ‘The Six Thatchers,’ this episode presented excellent performances, but, with a lot more heart in the script. Hailed by some as the best episode of the entire series and others as too dark, it’s one that has a lot of opinions raging, ours included.

Sherlock - The Lying Detective - Reaction Podcast - The Baker Street Babes -

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